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image: Brendan Adam Zwelling

Fashion Week. A time when the claws come out. Malnourished journalists will steal your lunch money; Joes leave their homes with birds perched on their shoulders in the hopes of making BlogTo “street style”; sitting on a white piece of paper with your name printed on it becomes the only thing that matters and must be regarded, at all times, as no big deal. Months of hard work culminating in 10 minutes of gloss is not the only thing going on in those three tents that inconspicuously just showed up smack in the middle of Metro Hall. Oh, the gossip. Blacklisting, Back talking, Backwash. Twitter frenemies meet for the first time and exchange business cards. Malocchio being given left, right, and centre. Oh, I’m sorry, didn’t mean to steal your interview with Jay Manuel. *fashion snicker* Someone actually had the audacity to ask me how many subscribers I had on my blog. But, actually? We were both seated in the fifth (last) row. As far as I’m concerned, that’s the last place one should be discussing numbers.

As ‘the sweetest bitch you’ll ever meet’ of the Toronto fashion scene, I try to keep a low profile amidst the madness. That’s probably why Brendan and I saunter around pretending I’m The Blonde Salad and take outfit photos. Some good, some very bad. Enjoy :)

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