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If you remember a few weeks ago upon my return from New York Fashion Week, I posted about an elusive “pink lady” who I saw there but had no idea who she was. Since, I’ve not only found her blog, My Empirical Life, but I’ve added her to my list of Australian style blog inspirations (the ever-growing), and had a little exchange with her over instagram (i heart social media!). Now it’s time that Tanja Gacic was featured on my blog as an official Eurotrash girl, don’t you think?  Read the rest of this entry »

As I skip over a few continents and dip down under, it would appear that a slow, cold winter is descending upon the otherwise terracota island officially known as Australia. To me, however, it’s the new frontier of fashion. I love me some Aussie fashion bloggers (and designers). Their style is beyond effortless and they wear a lot of grey, which is alright with me, considering it’s my favourite fashion colour always and forever.

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