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Adrianna bathing suit by Tosca Delfino $220 available at

Instead of being in St. Martin right now, which I was supposed to be very much so in St. Martin, right now – I’m writing this swimsuit-ridden post. Shedding a few pounds here and there never felt better than the day your bikini bottoms don’t dig into your hips, and your skinny jeans fit. What a better way to celebrate than buying designer swimwear and at least attempting to go on vacation. You can find me on my rooftop patio, complete with cement tiles, trying to get a tan via industrial windburn.

I’m eyeing this gorgeous retro number by Canadian designer (who now lives in Milan, so eurotrash), Tosca Delfino. If you’ve yet to get acquainted with her bathing suits, I highly suggest you dive into her chic world of prints. FYI: she used to work at Missoni. ’nuff said.

12 Days of Eurotrash – A few weeks ago I was featured on a la mode for all my blogging wonders. With the 15 Minutes of Fame bit came a video interview that I’ve shared above. I had so much fun talking about how I plan on taking over the fashion industry, it seems, but I think I was really just nervous. Do you ever get nervous?

And I say hell yeah.

Also FYI today is the LAST DAY to enter the contest to win $400 worth of Canadian designer gifts! In the bag are: an Ashley Rowe splatter t (incidentally, she’s landed the feb 2012 cover of Flare Magazine); a $50 gift card to use on; a one-time 50% discount applied to your entire invoice at; a sterling silver two-finger ring by MAFIA jewellery and a hand-knit wool cowl by The Little Cowl Co.

Just leave your name, your email address and what you think I should name my Eurotrash girl (the lady at the top of the page with the santa hat and ray bans)! 

The Eurotrash Gift-ucopia contains: Ashley Rowe splatter tee; hand-knit cowl by The Little Cowl Co; .925 sterling silver two-finger Rock’n'Roll ring by MAFIA jewellery; 50% off your entire invoice at and $50 gift certificate to spend at

12 Days of Eurotrash – Watching the power outage in San Francisco halting tonight’s football game makes for the perfect time to get a quick blog in. In case you’re wondering, I’m a Steelers fan. Over the past two week’s I’ve given my readers the chance to enter a Christmas giveaway to win a huge gift bag full of Canadian designer goodies. The contest winner will be announced on Friday, December 23rd, 2011! In the meantime, you can still enter to win. Just leave your name, your email address and what you think I should name my Eurotrash girl (the one with the Santa hat at the top of the page).

What can you win? Well I’ve selected items from my favourite designers and boutiques to give to you, my faithful readers. One of you will win over $400 worth of presents, presents!!! Oh, and your name will become the new Eurotrash girl! Leave a comment at the bottom of this blog post or any post to enter the contest. Only 3 more days left until the contest officially closes!

image: a la mode annual Xmas postcard. The fashion illustration is done by Lisa Nishimura and is inspired by Burberry Prorsum FW2011 collection and the fairytale, Little Red Riding Hood.

12 Days of Eurotrash Christmas Giveaway – Every year fashion director of, Marcus Kan, enlists a talented artist to conjure up an illustration, springing from a particular Fall/Winter runway collection. Last year it was Alexander McQueen, this year it’s Burberry Prorsum. Receiving one of these postcards is the ultimate holiday treat. The design is kept secret and possessing the postcard is equivalent to being part of some hush-hush fashion circle. Or at least I’m going to equate it to that – you know us eurotrash, always so recondite.


So, in keeping with the secrecy, I’ve decided to reveal each item in the giveaway one-by-one over the span of the next few weeks before Christmas. The first item in the gift bag is a $50 gift card courtesy of Ukamaku, who so generously agreed to let the lucky winner shop online using the one-time discount.

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Remember when Ebay and Paypal were scary words? My Dad still won’t key in his credit card number online paranoid that someone, somewhere out there in the abyss, will steal his identity over the new Harry Connick Jr. cd on Amazon. What can I say? Online shopping isn’t for everybody. But if it’s for you, yes, you there reading a Eurotrash girl’s blog, then it’s time I introduced you to UKAMAKU.COM

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