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image: Brendan Adam Zwelling.

I did it. Yes, indeed. I wore Uggs to LG Fashion Week and nobody cared. But which is more alarming? That I wore Uggs to Toronto Fashion Week or that NOBODY cared? I tend to think the latter of the two is what we should all really be concerned about. Maybe it was the dreary weather or maybe someone should have swept the leaves, mud and gum wrappers off the red carpet that lay soaked in water, with two white tigers at its helm, in front of the tents at David Pecaut Square. Street style photogs convened in a circle talking about zoom lenses (presumably) more so than actually using their DSLRs. The pinnacle of glamour was the girl with the Mad Hatter top hat – I bet she’s in every single magazine and on every blog right this moment. And I bet you all know exactly who I’m talking about. Like my google analytics line graph on a post-fashion week weekend, the general chicness of TFW took a nosedive.

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