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Lorenzo Mattotti poster for Aperol

It just so happens that one of my favourite aperitivi, the Aperol Spritz, is making a proverbial comeback. Well, listen here, sonny, I’ve been drinking this Italian cocktail way before hipsters added it to their vocabulary – frankly, way before hipsters existed. Oh, the summer’s quiet, the sun lulls and venerates the pause right before the cork pops out a cold bottle of Prosecco. Drip, drip, drip; swish, swish, clink. Signorina!

Since tomorrow’s my birthday (woo woo!) I’m offering up a stolen recipe for the Aperol Spritz – and I encourage all of you to take a pause this weekend, just before the sun sets and the cork pops, with this blood red potion in hand. Be Eurotrash for a moment, or for life.

alla salute.

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Big love to Septembre Anderson for suggesting this outerwear capsule collection between print maven, Mary Katrantzou and Moncler – the go-to brand for a winter jacket if you’re Eurotrash. I’d rock one of these in a heartbeat. Available in Moncler stores in August (my preferred is the Soho location).


Amsterdam. Paris. Ibiza. That’s her circuit. She showed up on my instagram after gushing over TRIANGL bikinis (even though, admittedly, it’s not a bikini summer for me). She’s also a bit of a zingara – which is praiseworthy in my books. Now I’m hooked on Lizzy and thankfully, she has a blog to keep me satiated. Daily dose of long hair and short skirts and Chanel boy bags. How many does she own? Who knows! I lost count once she started introducing them two-by-two with her sister, the Prince Harry of the duo.  Read the rest of this entry »

Carven 1

Thanks to my fashion crush du jour, Columbine Smille, I’ve not only started to pre-fall shop, but I’m doing it in a very feminine way by means of the pink coat. Columbine prefers Carven and By Malene Birger respective pink coats here. I’m deliberating between this Zara coat or this one by Sentaler. A super trend from the Fall runways, the pink coat carries with her the vestiges of a summer unsung – kind of like the one I’m having. And although it may be the summer of false starts, somewhere over the rainbow lies a season of new beginnings. What better way to start looking forward to next summer’s dreams by ushering in that gloomy moratorium called Winter with a soft pink armour? Read the rest of this entry »


Disclaimer: I don’t have a green thumb or a knack for sanding junkyard finds but one day on Youtube I learned how to thread a sewing machine and made myself a bride of Frankenstein New Years Eve gown that I actually wore out in public.

And I never did it myself ever again…

Until this oddity, Christmas in July, sort of showed up on my calendar. I expected snow, but was pleasantly surprised with Tori’s Bakeshop cupcakes, donuts (all vegan and organic – easy on the hips, tasty on the lips) and mason jars filled with chocolate milk and marshmallows. This must be how they celebrate Christmas in Australia, but with decor pixie, Tiffany Pratt, calling the shots it could have very well been in Never Never Land. Tiffany transformed the secret garden of Salvage Shop  with a little help from Blush and Bloom into a magical retreat for a few blogger girlies one afternoon – and after the week I had, it was nice to escape real life for a moment and concentrate on sewing a stocking for a few hours and deciding which donut to eat next.

I gotta say, I was really happy with the way my stocking turned out. Right now it’s hanging on my bookshelf, I’ve got a little advent calendar-esque situation going on: “a chocolate a day keeps baby Jesus happy all year round.” I’m so happy I was invited to this event because it wasn’t all fashion discussing pre-Fall trend do’s and don’ts. It was about a voyage to the moon and back, far away from pantone colours and affiliate networks. Something this girl needs every once in a while, a reminder to smile. Read the rest of this entry »

SODA jelly sandals. $11.92 available at

Have you been following my Spring Trend countdown? Well, today I talk about Jelly sandals and their comeback this season. I think every single brand released their own version of this 1990s school yard trend. Read my take on the Jelly sandal at She Shops the City and tell me you don’t feel like buying yourself a new pair or digging out your oldies!