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pastel hair trend, spring 2010

A propos de my last post, eurotrash has taken her violet obsession to a whole other level. Who ever thought the cover of a trashy novel would provide the impetus for her entire spring/summer aesthetic? Last year it was all about going blonde, this time around it’s all about going pastel. And so, yesterday she payed her stylist a visit, had some cheese, crackers and olives, sipped a glass of wine as he worked his magic and waited, patiently. Four hours later, her hair was a violet and platinum bouquet and she absolutely loved it.

Today eurotrash is preparing a write-up for The Style Notebook (yes, people actually pay me to write about fashion!) . She’ll be interviewing Erin, part-owner of Robber, and doing a review on the store. In the meantime, eurotrash has checked out some of the brands they carry and again, has fallen in love. It’s not that she’s easily pleased, there’s just so much pretty in this world! This week’s object of my affection is DACE, a clothing line from Vancouver that looks like it’s from Paris. Here are some pictures from the Spring 2010 collection:

… tell me you’re not in love!