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Stockholm Streetstyle 

Who can ever get enough of ADR? Here she is yesterday in Paris just doing her thing. Incidentally, she must’ve got the Tehran Times memo about covering up and swathing in patterned scarves. I love her kaleidoscopic fusion of florals and geometrics, colours and black and white.

A blogger I’ve followed since the inception of Eurotrash, Caroline Blomst of Stockholm Street Style and Caroline’s Mode, she puts a Chanel bag to work. Her daily outfit posts sporting Acne something, a Balenciaga motorcycle jacket and Starbucks are always inspirational. Even though it’s hard to mustre the courage and go makeup free (as she usually does), there’s something to be said of her unaffected look. Did she just get out of bed?

Also the first girl to introduce me to Isabel Marant – and skinny jeans. If you’re looking for a grungier side of Eurotrash, Caroline is your girl.

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