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Wearing exclusive Smythe x eLUXE tuxedo blazer; $595 CAD. 

I must preface this post with an admission. I’m not much of an online shopper, in that, I’m always a bit nervous about purchasing something I haven’t seen or touched before. Which, I believe, is completely normal. However, you won’t find an e-commerce enthusiast who’s as passionate about the changing landscape of consumerism as I am. Needless to say, I had a 15 minute jumping-on-the-bed-athon when eLUXE invited me to peruse their headquarters here in Toronto and get the full personal shopping experience with their lead personal stylist, Jennifer McConville. I brought along my friend, photographer, JR Bernstein, to capture it all with his trusty Fujifilm camera.¬† Read the rest of this entry »

image: Occupy the Runway; courtesy of FDCC (title, my own).

It’s been 2 years since my last shopping spree at Holts, forgive me. A rude salesperson who judged me by the drape of my sweatpants (like haven’t you read my blog – I’m OK with spending $1,000 on a winter coat) and thus refused to get me my size in the Prada jacket, which I was ready to buy, because she thought I wasn’t serious. Bitch, when it comes to fashion, I am serious.
I was also never much of a sycophant BUT I will give credit where credit is do.

Last night the fuscia pink retail monolith opened the Spring 2012 “Canada Cool” ¬†Toronto Fashion Week with a runway show featuring eight Canadian designer brands you should know: Jeremy Laing, Smythe, Naked & Famous, TwentyCluny, Denis Gagnon, Dennis Merotto, Wings + Horns and Lida Baday. You should also know that their collections retail at, you know…

Here are my 10 favourite looks from HOLTS:

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