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image: Links of London Camden Skull cufflinks, 295 CAD.

OK, OK, OK. Just the beginning of this week I made a declaration on my Facebook status saying “I think I’m over skulls”. Confusion, bewilderment and just plain contempt spread through the comments. Something came over me while flipping through photos on, spurring the said declaration. The pervasion of skulls in everything, and i mean EVERYTHING. (At a recent visit to Aren’t We Naughty I discovered a skull dildo – to which my friend said, that’s perfect for you!). It wasn’t the sex toy that rubbed me the wrong way, though (hardy har har) it was the teenage mutant ninja turtles. Can teens please stop taking over the internet with their arm parties, skull iconography, boy kissing semi-naked girl, Gosling gifs, cut-off shorts, pubescent pin-up bbm poses, Beiber and Gomez and le moustache? I’m done.

So, it may come as a surprise to some of you that I should post these skull cufflinks. I mean, I don’t think I’ll be purchasing items with skulls on them like crazy as I used to do – but doesn’t mean I can’t still admire a deathly piece. Maybe I’ll purge my love for skulls by gifting other people all the pretty skull things I would normally buy for myself. Like purchasing these links of london skull cufflinks for the man in my life!

Gosh I’ve become one of those people who buys their wife a power tool….

This summer I was fortunate enough to spend a week in one of my favourite cities, Florence. This city has a special significance for Eurotrash because it was in fact our birthplace. Many moons ago, equally inspired by the city’s lifestyle and a readiness to break free of North American predispositions, we conceived the catchphrase: Whatever… Eurotrash. This was to be a synecdochical utterance that at once stood for everything we wanted to be in life, from aesthetics to morals; to the food we ate and to the men we loved. Part of that conception was facilitated by a rather peculiar visit to Luisa Via Roma in the summer of 2004. And so my story begins…

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image: Amedeo Scognamiglio cameo skull rings.

With all this chatter about LGFW here in Toronto, which I learned today from the icy-blonde princess (in a good way), Lisa Kisber, is the 2nd largest fashion week in North America – go team! – it’s always nice to take a break from local frenzy to see what’s going on in the world. Enter This site was my fashion senior kindergarden, (JK being Jeanne Beker on Fashion Television), and I cling to it lovingly even though there are far more interesting and unique websites out there in the name of style. Sometimes, my loyalty pays off.

Today, Brittany Adams follows an understated trend seen on fashionable necks, ears and wrists this season: the cameo. Remember Laura Secord? Something tells me their signature chocolate cameos are going to be in FLARE’s holiday issue under “what to buy the fashionista who has everything”. Lisa Tant, I will gladly write the feature; I’ll even spare both of us the headache of having to hire me as an intern first.

I think cameos are simply great. They give a vestige of something old, forgotten. Or, if you do like Amedeo Scognamiglio, he can quickly update this traditional adornment by carving something like a skull, perhaps, instead of a bust. Either way I’m totally on board with receiving a dozen chocolate cameos, maybe insert a real Scognamigilio in the centre slot, as the PERFECT Christmas present. Hint, hint! Gosh, I hope my boyfriend reads this post.

So yeah, I’m no longer a brown-blonde-caramel-orange-haired girl. Albeit the new shade noir will probably fade by the time I finish writing this post, it’s such a refreshing change. Last night I gathered with former Style Notebook crew: Brendan and Caitlin. We went to, OBVIOUSLY, Hotel Ocho on Spadina just north of Queen St. I say obviously because I don’t really go anywhere else – unless I’m at The Ossington, spinning raunchy hip hop jams as part of DJs Secret Models. This morning I opened my inbox to find two presents from Brendan: a cute photo of Caitlin and I as we hang on to each other for dear life amidst the sub-zero temperatures and what-the-fuck winds; and secondly, a photo of another skull t-shirt available at Aritzia. Not that I shop there. But I do love me a good dead face.

Happy Football Sunday! I don’t watch hockey, sorry. Did the leafs win?…’cuz one minute it was 3-2 and the next it was the Habs vs. Colorado. Just sayin’

images: Brendan Adam Zwelling

image: Garde del Avante. Sauvage signature collection skull ring.

All Hallow’s is only weeks away and I gotta admit – it’s my favourite time of the year. Yes, that is correct; I like dead people more than Santa Clause. Which is strange because St. Nick is usually packing Vuitton…

Back in 1998, I remember spending the entire night in my mother’s bed watching the Nagano Olympics after seeing The Exorcist at Yorkdale with my friends. Perhaps that’s why I’ve always romanticized witches and goblins, because they fucking scare the living daylights out of me. It’s like if I make them into little cartoon characters that go around calling my boyfriend a pumpkin, they (and he) will no longer torment me. In 2005 I slept with the light on for an entire year (yes, 365 days) due to a nightmare I had in which I was possessed by the devil; coincidentally, the nightmare occurred after a long day studying for my exam on Dante’s Inferno. I know, I have huge issues.

So when all ya’ll naysayers look down on skull iconography in fashion as being so OVER I get to reclaim a symbol I’ve always been obsessed with. Take that! Or don’t. I’m unsure as to whether you naysayers even exist; the people still seem to be wearing skulls season after season… enough already! Why can’t I just be the only one? As I come to terms with having to share my skulls with every other fashion blogger and most people who get dressed in the morning, it would be unfair to give in to my initial impulse when I saw Garde del Avante‘s super spooky Halloween ’11 collection of skull jewelry. That impulse, by the way, had nothing to do with telling the whole world about these pieces – just to be clear.

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I really do have blog envy somedays when I log onto Blonde Salad, Kenza and Caroline’s Mode. Their street style photos, and especially Kenza’s own webcam masterpieces, always inspire me to stage a fruitless photo shoot in my living room with the naive hopes that my shots will turn out just like hers. As I analyze ‘what went wrong’ in each picture I also begin to realize that in order to inspire, these ostensibly impromptu glamour shots should possess a certain DIY charm – kinda like The Blair Witch Project, for lack of a better example, maybe.

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So it’s probably old news that victoria’s secret not so serious line, PINK, opened up in yorkdale about a month ago – if you don’t know, just pay attention to the women around you next time you’re in a public space and you’ll spot at least one donning a t-shirt or tank with the notorious LOVE PINK splattered all over it. With the pretense of taking my cousin shopping, and seeing as though they don’t have VS in Paris (yet), what kind of shopping guru would I be if I didn’t take her to lingerie mecca? We arrived at the doors at 8:47 pm, with 13 minutes to shop, we tried to do as much damage as possible. She bought a faded pink, preloved-looking, hoodie and matching sweatpants and 5 for 25 undies. I bought two sweaters that feel so soft I think I might sleep in them forever. The best part? PINK has more than sufficiently provided eurotrash with yet another fresh batch of skull wear, or as I learned today “tete de mort”. J’aime pink!

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