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Photography by Mauricio Calero

A big thanks to BlogTO for featuring my Day 2 outfit on their street style roundup yesterday. I drew inspiration from the acclaimed Celine Fall 13 collection; the luscious grey and navy wool coats, flared skirts and army green leather boots were made for me. My version plays on the dropped hemline silhouette with a chunky cropped knit sweater. When wearing this season’s longer skirt you want to avoid looking dwarfish by giving the appearance of elongated legs. The hem should graze the leg exactly where your calf indents to meet your knee – that’s the sweet spot. Don’t be afraid to pair a long, flared skirt with a chunky ankle boot. Perhaps counterintuitive, but it works.

I picked winter white as my base colour and played with black, blue and green accents. A horizontal stripe adds a touch of Viviana Volpicella to the look. I usually don’t wear earrings AND sunglasses together, especially if they are both statement pieces, but here the simplicity of my outfit actually sets the stage for chunkier accessories. My forest green, Rebecca Minkoff Mini M.A.C. is a playful splash, giving the impression that I grabbed it on my way out in a rush and it just-so-happened to work. An accidental fashion decision that was secretly premeditated.

Eurotrash Outfit: Forever 21 knit sweater; Zara flared skirt; Soles ankle boots from Sauvage; Rebecca Minkoff Mini M.A.C. from; Coven by Sonia Kang saber bone earrings from; Thierry Lasry sunglasses from Josephson’s Opticians.


Doris Day and Rock Hudson. Marc Jacobs in jammies. Teddy bears. If there was ever a time to draw inspiration from the boudoir, the transition from late summer to early autumn is utterly apropos. As my friend Jill would say, “It’s nesting time.” But instead of piling on cumbersome knits that render the silhouette that of the Michelin man – not a Michelin star – I used the good sunshine and humidity as an opportunity to bare some skin. No flannel nightgowns here, just silky slinky short-shorts in a soft paisley print and a vintage blouse. I added a muted rose-toned Rebecca Minkoff 5-zip purse and round, oversized sunglasses to keep it chic. It’s all very Miu Miu, don’t you think? Read the rest of this entry »

eLUXE shopping Fall trends rebecca minkoff tibi cosabella karen walker

Dearest readers and friends, I’m happy to announce that Whatever Eurotrash is now part of The Luxe Panel with Canadian online retailer eLUXE. What does this mean? I’ll be working on some cool collaborations with eLUXE and their magazine counterpart, The Luxe Life – so stay tuned! In the meantime, let’s celebrate with an exclusive promo code I’m offering to my readers. Use the code EUROTRASH20 when you shop online at on all items – including sale items – until September 30, 2013. The above items are my picks from the eLUXE that I would wear right now, as the seasons transition you want to avoid wearing colours that might be too suggestive – a black and white palette, with a heavy emphasis on leather, looks appropriate if the sun comes out during the day, and yet, will keep you feeling fresh as the nights get cooler. And the bra? Well, a lace bra is a perennial must-have.

From top left to bottom right: Tibi Anson stretch blazer; Karen Walker super duper sunglasses; Cosabella sweetie soft bra; Tibi embossed quilted leather shorts; Rebecca Minkoff Blake mini handbag. 


Augustina store windows are perennial treats. Image by Kaerucomm.

Nestled along a quaint, cobblestone path in Yorkville, Augustina has been a favourite treat of mine since I started seeking out cool shops in Toronto – circa grade 9. And it was love at first sight. The only store to have ever stocked accessories by the prestigious Italian ski fashion brand, Postcard (don’t even go there, Moncler), I’ve always had a deep admiration for Augustina’s keen eye on cool things. Always a bit more recherché, a bit more eurotrash, if you will.

And finally, we can shop these goodies online as Augustina has just launched its e-commerce website across Canada at I’ve got my eye on the Augustina brand laser-cut leather pouches ($195 CAD) and dreaming of the Anita Ko rose-gold leaf ring with diamonds ($5,750 CAD). Operative word: dreaming.  Read the rest of this entry »

Wearing exclusive Smythe x eLUXE tuxedo blazer; $595 CAD. 

I must preface this post with an admission. I’m not much of an online shopper, in that, I’m always a bit nervous about purchasing something I haven’t seen or touched before. Which, I believe, is completely normal. However, you won’t find an e-commerce enthusiast who’s as passionate about the changing landscape of consumerism as I am. Needless to say, I had a 15 minute jumping-on-the-bed-athon when eLUXE invited me to peruse their headquarters here in Toronto and get the full personal shopping experience with their lead personal stylist, Jennifer McConville. I brought along my friend, photographer, JR Bernstein, to capture it all with his trusty Fujifilm camera.  Read the rest of this entry »

So I admit, in this photo I was super super hungover after an unexpected night out on the town. After 4 glasses of O.J., 3 advils and a cup of coffee, I made it to Mother’s Day brunch. Here’s what I wore: vintage blue silk top from Shoppalu; Zara floral pants; GEOX ballet flats; tweed blazer from Club Monaco circa 2003; and my Rebecca Minkoff 5-zip M.A.C. Ta-Da!

Here are some more photos from our lovely day spent in Yorkville. We had brunch at La Societe and it was delicious, as per usual. FYI every Thursday oysters are $1 at the bar starting at 5pm til close – it’s worth checking out!

Incidentally, today is my mom’s birthday. Wishing her a great one. Love you, mom! xo

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These days are seemingly fashionable. Sure, I spend my mornings in a bathrobe and accessorize with a large Starbucks coffee mug, one with pink hearts on it, at best. But what the heck, I’ve run through so many blog-worthy outfits without so much as a lingering, self-approving nod in a full length mirror – the one I still have yet to purchase. So here I am in all my glory. Why I love my fox fur coat is its guilt free provenance. A hand-me-down from my aunt (it even has her name stitched in the lining), I don’t have to worry about P.E.T.A. coming after me with a can of Benjamin Moore paint in shade C231, ox blood. I picture me just yelling: “Halt! It’s vintage” to the Jackson Pollock animal lovers. I can say these things, I think, because I’m a vegetarian. Why I love my Ray Ban honeys? They add an extra pop of colour to an otherwise dreary outfit. My boyfriend bought them for me while on a boys trip to Vegas – I hope they too have a guilt free provenance…

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Let’s go to my yacht in the West Keys, ride my jet skis. I spied 2 Rebecca Minkoff bags in Key West, including the one hanging off my shoulder. One of many so-thoughtful presents from my boy, the Rebecca Minkoff E-Zip Clutch with detachable shoulder strap is like my new best friend these days. I’ve never owned a Minkoff bag, although I’ve had my eye on the Morning-After bag for some time now, so I was really super excited when I unwrapped this one (he threw in the cashmere Missoni hat I had been eyeing at I MISS YOU VINTAGE in the bag’s inside pocket – ugh, heart palpitations!).

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