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Rachel Sin Augustina Dress $325 CAD. Available at Use code EUROTRASH25 to receive 25% until Dec 10, 2012.

There’s something about the 3/4 length pencil skirt that can make any woman feel like she’s a young Liz Taylor in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (1958), trying to seduce her husband into going to bed with her. He likes whiskey better. But she possesses a latent sexuality that’s plain for every spectator to see and we sit there screaming at the screen, “Are you blind, Paul?!?!”

Dressing up the Rachel Sin Augustina dress got me thinking about film noir. The femme fatale, a lady who will steer you wrong even though it feels so right. She’s lonely. A criminal. And perhaps, just needs saving – or perhaps, she’s evil to the core.

The dress has an ultra-feminine silhouette and hugs you in all the right places. I went with this hourglass look, it’s so classic and lovely – hard to believe I could be so evil in it!

Paired it with sky-high Yves Saint Laurent Tribtoo heels available at LUISAVIAROMA.COM. Taking notes from Victoria Beckham, these shoes are essentials because they pull up your calf muscles giving your legs an extra-long appearance.

Next came accessories. My grandmother’s vintage purse is right out of a Tuesday night on TCM. And the Tiger of Sweden “Butch” hat was a tip of the hat to George Sanders as The Saint. It adds a bit of business to the whole outfit. I could be a mob wife, you know? Pow Pow Pow.

Not much jewellery but vintage Chanel earrings and an Anna Sui black rose cocktail ring that stealthily flips open, lipgloss inside.

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If you joined me yesterday, I showed you how to style the Rachel Sin sequin pant for daytime fun. Where yesterday was sporty, today is glamourous. Although people on facebook dared to call me homeless when I posted an outtake from this particular look as my profile picture (albeit I was making a face that alluded to vagabonding), I really hope you all agree with the sequin tuxedo (as in sequin-on-sequin).

I’m wearing the same sequin pants from Rachel Sin paired with a sequin racerback tanktop from, wait for it, bebe. Hey man, you never know what you’ll find there. My shoes are Betsey Johnson (RIP) but I bought them at Winners for $50 a few summers ago. I love the blue jewel that sits atop my toes. A vintage mink stole; bejewelled daisy bib necklace available here at Forever21, and a pavé coral frog ring from Italy.

Remember, use the code EUROTRASH25 at to get 25% off anything and everything you buy until December 10, 2012!

The sequin pants are a favourite holiday staple for me. They are perfect for those endless holiday dinners (elastic waistband, hello) and you won’t ever have to worry about making the naughty list when a mean game of Twister ensues after overdosing on fruitcake. Because if you were wearing a skirt, well, there it is.

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Like my pants? Get 25% off by entering code EUROTRASH25 when you shop online at

As Billie Holiday said it, “You go to my head. With a smile that makes my temperature rise like a summer with a thousand Julys.” This is precisely how I feel about the sequin pants by Canadian designer, Rachel Sin. They fit as comfortably as lululemons minus the venti-sized ego. And they will take you from day to night, if styled just as I did. Stay tuned for the evening wear portion of this pageant….

I paired the pants with Converse sneakers because chucks have become my best friends, they go with everything – don’t let anyone convince you of otherwise, ever. A heather blue LnA racerback tank top, tucked in to give it a bit more structure and to show off the oblong pockets on the sequin pants. I then proceeded to throw on an army green anorak from The Gap, which my sister recently returned to me after borrowing it for 3 years. A chunky, purple Toy Watch for good measure. Lastly, pigtails and a carrot-orange, wool felt cloche (that’s the correct name for this type of cap – cloche – not a twinkie hat as I’ve been referring to it) with lizard embossed leather visor by Max & Co.

The best part, use the code EUROTRASH25 on Rachel Sin’s website and receive 25% everything you purchase until Dec 10, 2012. Perfect if you’re looking for something to wear to all those holiday parties coming up, what to wear when standing under a mistletoe sort of predicament.

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image: a la mode annual Xmas postcard. The fashion illustration is done by Lisa Nishimura and is inspired by Burberry Prorsum FW2011 collection and the fairytale, Little Red Riding Hood.

12 Days of Eurotrash Christmas Giveaway – Every year fashion director of, Marcus Kan, enlists a talented artist to conjure up an illustration, springing from a particular Fall/Winter runway collection. Last year it was Alexander McQueen, this year it’s Burberry Prorsum. Receiving one of these postcards is the ultimate holiday treat. The design is kept secret and possessing the postcard is equivalent to being part of some hush-hush fashion circle. Or at least I’m going to equate it to that – you know us eurotrash, always so recondite.


So, in keeping with the secrecy, I’ve decided to reveal each item in the giveaway one-by-one over the span of the next few weeks before Christmas. The first item in the gift bag is a $50 gift card courtesy of Ukamaku, who so generously agreed to let the lucky winner shop online using the one-time discount.

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image: Rachel Sin Spring 2012

Inspired by the architectural design of the Hotel Peninsula in Hong Kong, the architect/fashion designer, Rachel Sin, created a Spring collection that she says, “is perfect for afternoon tea at the Hotel”. Her favourite piece from the collection (and mine) is the pure linen suit. In a white linen, the pants are high waisted. The jacket, cropped and designed with different tiers of linen and a silver, sparkly underlay. Sin does glitter in the most elegant way.

Sippin’ Rosé and perusing the collections I was quite impressed with Homegrown’s selection. They carry Sarah Stevenson, Caitlin Power, Zoran Dobric, Rachel Sin and Emily Woudenberg. I wanted to douse myself in all the gorgeous Canadian designer pieces but there was one problem – I was dressed up. Zip flies, belts, tucked in t-shirts, top handle bags, blazer layered under a jacket layered under a fur stole. How can anyone shop when they are dressed like a bag lady? Not to mention I had heels on, carrying a bottle of FIJI in one hand and a champagne flute in the other.

image: My nonna’s bag, vintage fur stole, winter white jacket by Spoon, vintage wool blazer (my moms); snakeskin belt by BCBG and Zara cropped pant in chocolate brown and white knit t-shirt. 

When I shop to buy – I shop in sweatpants, a t-shirt and footwear you can slip off with a high kick. This is probably why salesclerks are reluctant to help me find my size or acknowledge my presence. If I’m not dressed like a bag lady, I’m dressed like a bum. Either way, nobody wins. But unless you have a personal assistant to hold all your bags, undress you and massage your feet every 4 meters (I’m assuming that’s what PA’s do) when I go shopping, I need to be comfortable and inconspicuous. Is it any wonder I own more PINK, Juicy Couture and Roots sweats than I’d like to admit?


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