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Amsterdam. Paris. Ibiza. That’s her circuit. She showed up on my instagram after gushing over TRIANGL bikinis (even though, admittedly, it’s not a bikini summer for me). She’s also a bit of a zingara – which is praiseworthy in my books. Now I’m hooked on Lizzy and thankfully, she has a blog to keep me satiated. Daily dose of long hair and short skirts and Chanel boy bags. How many does she own? Who knows! I lost count once she started introducing them two-by-two with her sister, the Prince Harry of the duo.  Read the rest of this entry »


That pointy nose. Those pointy, bunny ears. Welcome, Laetitia Crahay, to the Eurotrash people roster of fun. She has a baby and a cat, and lots of hats. Laetitia is the creative director of Maison Michel millinery and the jewellery director at Chanel. Meaning, her and the Kaiser are best buds. How chic? Her pregnancy clothes were Chanel tweed – that chic.

Her style reminds me of a French modernism that dips into cliché, tainting it with a refreshingly new sensibility. Like robots and rabbits that clutter her apartment, paired with the classic cloche and a string of pearls. Glistening surfaces with lots of black accents. Just looking at her, we begin to see the parallels between her life’s work and her life. The femme totale – not fatale – but everything. I think you need to be a bit of a maniac to create anything worthy of two interlocking C’s.   Read the rest of this entry »

A blogger I’ve followed since the inception of Eurotrash, Caroline Blomst of Stockholm Street Style and Caroline’s Mode, she puts a Chanel bag to work. Her daily outfit posts sporting Acne something, a Balenciaga motorcycle jacket and Starbucks are always inspirational. Even though it’s hard to mustre the courage and go makeup free (as she usually does), there’s something to be said of her unaffected look. Did she just get out of bed?

Also the first girl to introduce me to Isabel Marant – and skinny jeans. If you’re looking for a grungier side of Eurotrash, Caroline is your girl.

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This Eurotrash figure has been on my mind ever since I saw a photo of her wearing a military blazer and light wash blue jeans, neutral oversized tee tucked in – only a handful – at the tummy (which I’ve always done since). If there is any person who is realistically, my style ideal it would be her. Sure, I can fantasize about Anna dello Russo’s headpieces and Miroslava Duma’s pattern proclivity, but in reality, Emmanuelle Alt is the girl I am when I get up out of bed in the morning.

She’s a poster child for Balmain and Isabel Marant (her husband’s the artistic director of the latter). For each occasion she cops a fancy new blazer – unlike most women who would purchase a new dress or accessories – Alt has worn the same Cartier watch and black Balmain belt for years it seems while switching up her blazers like nobody’s business. There isn’t any blazer she won’t do. I, too, have a serious thing for blazers. Vintage, tweed, linen, oversized, velvet, leather – you name it, I got it. I won’t, however, do those DUMB made-to-order boyfriend blazers in black or navy with an exposed striped lining, rolled up at the cuffs. And you know exactly the ones I mean. I just shudder when I see a girl wearing one of those over a fancy dress – a token of style in absentia.

Take notes from this Vogue Paris editor-in-chief, ladies. Be more adventurous with your outerwear!

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I can probably count on my hands and feet in under 10 seconds all the people who Carmen Dell’Orifice is more beautiful than, at 81 years old. My, what high cheekbones you have!

Carmen appears alongside some younger thing in the new ad campaign for Swedish retailer, Lindex and their collabo with Missoni (another favourite of ours here at Eurotrash). Really, she can do no wrong. Speaking about wrong – anyone who doesn’t agree that she is the bomb dot com.

Just don’t look at her arms. (My mom pointed those out to me, apparently beacons of real aging).

We all age and a handful of us can only hope to do so with the utmost grace and elegance, and even fewer are those who actually do. Her Wikipedia page reads like a Danielle Steele novel of lost loves and bankruptcy. In spite of it all, she remained lovely. An inspiration for anyone who needs a few more reasons to remain lovely. Because, in the end, that’s all we can really do.

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I’ll have another, Russian. Fashion designer, stylist, trendsetter, anachronic Ulyana Sergeenko has something discretely patrician about her. She’s above you. Those red lips and Anna Karenina-type-carriage. Holy hats! And is that a pannier? Her designs are best described as anachronisitc. I know, I used that word twice already, but it’s so so goddamn apt. Was she in Dr. Zhivago? Who knows! Anything is possible with Ulyana, whatever the century she actually exists in.

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Nicole Richie in June 2012 GLAMOUR magazine. Image source Just

Famous for being famous, Nicole Richie is what I like to call  ’American eurotrash’. She’s lived in the lap of luxury her whole life, adopted at age 3 by Lionel Richie and spoiled since. Former besties with Paris Hilton and had a token anorexia phase. Magazines urge us to dress like her, and now she incidentally has her own clothing line just like everybody else. But don’t let the celeb cliche trajectory fool you. Nicole stands out. She’s surprisingly very beautiful and with the right amount of effort, could pretend to be iconic at the very least. Any girl who owns a red Chanel 2.55 flap bag and a Givenchy Nightingale is OK in my books.

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