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Doris Day and Rock Hudson. Marc Jacobs in jammies. Teddy bears. If there was ever a time to draw inspiration from the boudoir, the transition from late summer to early autumn is utterly apropos. As my friend Jill would say, “It’s nesting time.” But instead of piling on cumbersome knits that render the silhouette that of the Michelin man – not a Michelin star – I used the good sunshine and humidity as an opportunity to bare some skin. No flannel nightgowns here, just silky slinky short-shorts in a soft paisley print and a vintage blouse. I added a muted rose-toned Rebecca Minkoff 5-zip purse and round, oversized sunglasses to keep it chic. It’s all very Miu Miu, don’t you think? Read the rest of this entry »


If you remember a few weeks ago upon my return from New York Fashion Week, I posted about an elusive “pink lady” who I saw there but had no idea who she was. Since, I’ve not only found her blog, My Empirical Life, but I’ve added her to my list of Australian style blog inspirations (the ever-growing), and had a little exchange with her over instagram (i heart social media!). Now it’s time that Tanja Gacic was featured on my blog as an official Eurotrash girl, don’t you think?  Read the rest of this entry »


Photograph by Alexander Liang

I’m the featured blogger on The Luxe Life Blogger Roll this week talking all about my 90s inspired Toronto Fashion Week look. Check out the article I wrote and the outfit I styled here: The Luxe Life. 

I’m wearing Nine West shoes; Zara tartan pencil skirt; ELA white star clutch; 7 for all Mankind motorcycle jacket; Karen Walker sunglasses. 

Wayne London Fashion Week Spring 2014

Three things I need from this collection: the sandals aka “Jesus Birkenstocks”, the silk screened sweatshirts of full moons and the custom made leather that is dyed to look like bleached denim – in either dress or blazer counterpart. I’d be happier with both. Bravo, Mr. Lee, this collection is super wearable and oh-so Scandinavian chic.


Photography by JR Bernstein

The possibilities are endless. Nighttime reveals latent dreams of couture and high heels. In my mind, it’s the spark of excitement – dressing up to go out like a transformation from monotony to fantastic. I asked myself who I wanted to be that night. A lady with lots of secrets. A leather dress that stuck like a second skin. A disguise. A reprise, even. For I’ve been here before, acting out a venomous slither of long legs and black lashes through the night.

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 Photography by JR Bernstein

Taking photos around Tribeca after the Sass & Bide show on Tuesday, at The James Hotel rooftop, finally, and earlier, kicking it around Grand Central Station after the jam-packed Diesel show – which we didn’t get to see thanks to Kanye West’s ego taking up five seats – we had to watch from outside the Vanderbilt Hall due to overcapacity regulations. But like I always say when things don’t go quite as planned during Fashion Week, “there’s always next season”. Sass & Bide was spectacular though and I must say my futuristic outfit proved for the perfect street style photographs. I’m wearing a leather Caitlin Power dress, Nella Bella Morelle Clutch and Dolce Vita shoes with transparent heel (on trend). Metallics, plastics and leather. A high ponytail is the only way to complete this look. And of course, a cupcake from famed Magnolia Bakery.  Read the rest of this entry »


My girl, Caitlin Agnew, tipped me off about Helena Bordon earlier this year and after digesting her Eurotrash life for months now I’m finally ready to share her with all of you. Socialite, Brazilian, and blonde. Fling with Prince Harry. Front row staple; a mother, Donata Meirelles, who works for Vogue and daddy is a big media mogul. Their Sao Paulo house, however, looks like it belongs in a dream I once had about living the sweet life.  Sometimes on Instagram Helena is in St. Tropez with lots of boys and champagne. Her street style says no, I don’t need the Zara imitation. This is the real thing. Helena is the real thing. Lucky for us – and I love it when beautiful socialites do this – she had a blog to keep up-to-date with all her meanderings and girl crushes. She also designs for Luiza Setubal’s LOOL collection.  Read the rest of this entry »


The CNE has been really good to us media folk this year. Although I couldn’t attend the preview last week, myself and a few of Toronto’s prominent fashion peeps (Amanda Lao and Caitlin Power; Julio Reyes and Daniel Desforges of; Marcus Kan of Draw a Dot; and JR Bernstein) took advantage of the $5 after 5pm deal earlier this week – which is open to everyone, not just media. I am alive to write this post because I did not eat a cronut burger (although, Marcus did and I haven’t heard from him since). I opted for a good ole hot dog and funnel cake, strawberry with soft serve, only. Of course, I had to dress the part with my homemade denim cut-offs, a PINK skull tank, cap on backwards and an Alviero Martini knapsack (to keep it Eurotrash, obviously). Had so much fun we’re going back again next week!

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I think if you stand too close to Anna dello Russo you begin to morph into her not-so-quite replica. Such has been the fate of her assistant, Carlotta Oddi. Not quite Anna, but still quite Eurotrash.

Excuse me while I make myself an espresso before I continue this post.  Read the rest of this entry »


What do you get when a fashion illustration expert, an editor-in-chief, a fashion blogger, a handbag designer and a street art insider go for dinner? This outfit. I bought the white dress at in March. Whatever, it’s not PERF but I waited until now to try it on thinking I was doing good by staving off. Looking down at the neckline and a return policy that expired sometime in May, I see in hindsight that was not wise. Despite the boobs rendered lumpy, I’m still fascinated with the First Lady look that inspired its purchase. Pearls and Greta Garbo, not that she was a First Lady politically speaking, but perhaps of cinema and overall chic.

The bag, however, is PERF. My Nella Bella Nu Nettle Retro in blue is ideal for summer dinners where a clutch is too fancy-shmancy, and a tote looks too lazy-shlazy from the office grind. It’s petite, yet functional and structured. Good luck finding this baby as she’s sold out online – but some stores may have her still in Canada, USA and the UK, oh my! All that’s left are my usual ballerina slippers, Dodo le Parisienne, avail on (which has now become a treasure chest of fashion seasons past). Hair blown out and pin curled by my girl, Karina, at Loki Hair Studio. I snuck in a clay treatment, too, as this weather is really not optimal for anything but a french braid. Wore it up in a chignon on the subway ride down just so it would be perfect for the shoot. Later, as I let my hair down, I told Alex Liang, editor-in-chief of Kenton Magazine, mens style blogger and the man behind the camera, il faut souffrir pour être belle.

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