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Last night the girls of Rate Hub Canada tweeted me this article entitled, Twitter Romance: Don’t Tweet Where You Eat by Nando Rodriguez.  The article suggests that we all refrain from using twitter as a dating device – be it to plan a sexual rendezvous (the twitter sleaze); to get your twitter lover where it hurts after you find him tweeting another woman (the revenge tweet); or to tell the whole world how much your lover boy floats your boat, and what he made you for breakfast, and then for lunch, and then midnight snack-ee-poo my little corn on the cob xoxoxoxoxo (the PDA tweet or the Public Display of Twitter, as Nando coins). And where some of his advice has currency in light of social media standing-in as just another sex playground (the relationship status is there for a reason, people) I don’t think his argument has any twitter-specific relevancy. Not to be lewd but after reading Nando’s rant I thought of a rebuttal beginning with something like… “It’s a free world and we all fuck. Get over it”.

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