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The CNE has been really good to us media folk this year. Although I couldn’t attend the preview last week, myself and a few of Toronto’s prominent fashion peeps (Amanda Lao and Caitlin Power; Julio Reyes and Daniel Desforges of; Marcus Kan of Draw a Dot; and JR Bernstein) took advantage of the $5 after 5pm deal earlier this week – which is open to everyone, not just media. I am alive to write this post because I did not eat a cronut burger (although, Marcus did and I haven’t heard from him since). I opted for a good ole hot dog and funnel cake, strawberry with soft serve, only. Of course, I had to dress the part with my homemade denim cut-offs, a PINK skull tank, cap on backwards and an Alviero Martini knapsack (to keep it Eurotrash, obviously). Had so much fun we’re going back again next week!

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These days I’m lacking lots of things. A photographer – another human being, really, who will point and shoot my camera; a tripod, perhaps; diamonds, most definitely. I try with the limited space and resources available to me. My real goal is to show you my new pants from Stefanel and how I wore them last night to the Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend event by FAJO Magazine and !Xam Diamonds. Yeah, I tried on a 4.08c cushion cut stone with another carat in the halo and band. I mean, it was sparkly and nice and looked SO WRONG on even my right ring finger, but I’m more of a Blake Lively solitaire kinda girl.

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I was so ecstatic when I was asked to tag along with Marcus Kan of A la mode blog to attend the 50 Years of Bond Style: Designing 007 inaugural gala and after part-ay. What a night! We arrived on site and got passports handed to us with a, “you’re 007 agents for the night, good luck.” I was eating it up! The entire TIFF Bell Lightbox was transformed into a Bond legacy. There was the Kobo ice lounge complete with alcoholic snow cones – the only kind of snow cones that should really exist. Then there was the Goldfinger lounge, Casino Royale (we stayed away from the tables), a loading dock where you could shoot guns at your date, and so much more. The Big Sound performed Bond hits and Motown favourites. We ate, drank and were very merry.

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Thanks to everyone who came out to the Shoppalu X Miracle Thieves event last week. I know some of you got some really great vintage finds, despite having to strip down to your knickers in the stockroom, ahem, Katherine and Rhena! My friends are definitely resourceful when it comes to a pair of striped shorts at 75% off.

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Chloe Ma, Eurotrash and Marcus Kan. Photograph courtesy of Spiro Mandylor of It’s All Style to Me.

Last week we gathered in the Julia M. Gallery to view the Tatsuaki Spring collection. For my full review of the runway show visit – for my outfit, stay here. I think every Spring there’s a resurgence of either pastels or brights – the pattern seems to be an alternating one. Last Spring we were all told to grab solid bright colours, blue, red, brown, green and pink and stack them. Fashion whores called it colour blocking. We paid homage to Mondrian and worked our VISA at Zara – their entire store was colour blocked last May. This season, much like Spring 2010, it’s back to pastels. And quite frankly, I couldn’t be happier. The colour block stuff is too abrasive for me. I mean, who wants to walk around looking primed for a popsicle stick shoved squarely up their ass? Nah. Give me pastels and flowers any day.

12 Days of Eurotrash – A few weeks ago I was featured on a la mode for all my blogging wonders. With the 15 Minutes of Fame bit came a video interview that I’ve shared above. I had so much fun talking about how I plan on taking over the fashion industry, it seems, but I think I was really just nervous. Do you ever get nervous?

And I say hell yeah.

Also FYI today is the LAST DAY to enter the contest to win $400 worth of Canadian designer gifts! In the bag are: an Ashley Rowe splatter t (incidentally, she’s landed the feb 2012 cover of Flare Magazine); a $50 gift card to use on; a one-time 50% discount applied to your entire invoice at; a sterling silver two-finger ring by MAFIA jewellery and a hand-knit wool cowl by The Little Cowl Co.

Just leave your name, your email address and what you think I should name my Eurotrash girl (the lady at the top of the page with the santa hat and ray bans)! 

image: a la mode annual Xmas postcard. The fashion illustration is done by Lisa Nishimura and is inspired by Burberry Prorsum FW2011 collection and the fairytale, Little Red Riding Hood.

12 Days of Eurotrash Christmas Giveaway – Every year fashion director of, Marcus Kan, enlists a talented artist to conjure up an illustration, springing from a particular Fall/Winter runway collection. Last year it was Alexander McQueen, this year it’s Burberry Prorsum. Receiving one of these postcards is the ultimate holiday treat. The design is kept secret and possessing the postcard is equivalent to being part of some hush-hush fashion circle. Or at least I’m going to equate it to that – you know us eurotrash, always so recondite.


So, in keeping with the secrecy, I’ve decided to reveal each item in the giveaway one-by-one over the span of the next few weeks before Christmas. The first item in the gift bag is a $50 gift card courtesy of Ukamaku, who so generously agreed to let the lucky winner shop online using the one-time discount.

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photo credit: Mark Sommerfeld 

The month of December is an exciting time for Eurotrash and her little elves. Ugh, I don’t know why I just wrote that. WELCOME TO MY LIFE.

This month I am proud to announce my feature in the popular fashion blog, A LA MODE. Editor-in-chief, Marcus Kan, has put together an amazing team of bloggers and illustrators who are up to ‘no good’ in the fashion industry in Toronto. Yours truly will be featured on Wednesday, December 7th. My video interview will premiere on December 15th – just in time for Christmas.

Another proud announcement: SECRET MODELS are featured in an article in this week’s The Grid: Fake DJs become real. The article is written by prolific Toronto writer, Paul Aguirre-Livingston. Incidentally, Eurotrash will be spinning as part of Secret Models along with her favourite girls, Natalie Simons and Katie Emery at The Ossington…..


So come check us out and see if we’re the real deal :)

Also be sure to tune in on Monday, December 5th for the official launch of 12 days of Eurotrash. How to be Eurotrash during the holidays as well as a special announcement with your chance to win a Eurotrash gift…. 

High society do. Hello, my name is Eurotrash and I’m here to tell you about what I feel has voraciously become my new favourite pastime: Brunch. A perfect series of events happened to me on the way to the bus stop. Saturday night’s idleness lead me to become completely enthralled with The Devil Wears Prada on The W Network – even though I had already seen the film and have a special sort of contempt for Anne Hathaway.

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image: Brendan Adam Zwelling

Fashion Week. A time when the claws come out. Malnourished journalists will steal your lunch money; Joes leave their homes with birds perched on their shoulders in the hopes of making BlogTo “street style”; sitting on a white piece of paper with your name printed on it becomes the only thing that matters and must be regarded, at all times, as no big deal. Months of hard work culminating in 10 minutes of gloss is not the only thing going on in those three tents that inconspicuously just showed up smack in the middle of Metro Hall. Oh, the gossip. Blacklisting, Back talking, Backwash. Twitter frenemies meet for the first time and exchange business cards. Malocchio being given left, right, and centre. Oh, I’m sorry, didn’t mean to steal your interview with Jay Manuel. *fashion snicker* Someone actually had the audacity to ask me how many subscribers I had on my blog. But, actually? We were both seated in the fifth (last) row. As far as I’m concerned, that’s the last place one should be discussing numbers.

As ‘the sweetest bitch you’ll ever meet’ of the Toronto fashion scene, I try to keep a low profile amidst the madness. That’s probably why Brendan and I saunter around pretending I’m The Blonde Salad and take outfit photos. Some good, some very bad. Enjoy :)

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