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Doris Day and Rock Hudson. Marc Jacobs in jammies. Teddy bears. If there was ever a time to draw inspiration from the boudoir, the transition from late summer to early autumn is utterly apropos. As my friend Jill would say, “It’s nesting time.” But instead of piling on cumbersome knits that render the silhouette that of the Michelin man – not a Michelin star – I used the good sunshine and humidity as an opportunity to bare some skin. No flannel nightgowns here, just silky slinky short-shorts in a soft paisley print and a vintage blouse. I added a muted rose-toned Rebecca Minkoff 5-zip purse and round, oversized sunglasses to keep it chic. It’s all very Miu Miu, don’t you think? Read the rest of this entry »

Tara Gill in FLARE magazine, July 2011.

One of Canada’s hottest models, Tara Gill, is the epitome of Eurotrash in last summer’s shoot for FLARE magazine. Giles Deacon shades, Marc Jacobs knit dress and a PS1 bag have never looked so sunkissed. First off, a multicoloured knit pattern is patently Eurotrash especially in Forte dei Marmi – one of Italy’s recherch√© beach destinations – and most especially if you stay at The Principe hotel.

Next up, faceshields (aka sunglasses) by Giles Deacon will ward off paparazzi, or conversely, attract them. The coloured bag is a sign of chic. Colours are always difficult to master; the unlearned usually just stick to black. This stylist knew what a crocodile green leather PS1 and raunchy red long fingernails could do for a girl. And did they ever do it for Miss Gill.