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Oh, Tumblr. “I hate you I love you I hate you I love you I do, hate you” – SNL drunk girl skit. Some days I really have no desire to steal photos off the internet and post them on my tumblr page. Especially when I see all those teenagers out there doing it so much better. I found a new source of inspiration, though. It’s called pastel-18-yr-old-hippies, better known as I mean, you have to sieve through about 4 or 5 images of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez after every click but it’s totally worth it when I find the coolest whatever image of some blonde bombshell smoking.

Am I digressing into the teenage eurotrash girl I would’ve been had I been born in the 90s? Do I really like to spend hours upon hours copying and pasting images of lollipops? This is why I hate tumblr. And then Lula will message me (like she did JUST now), probably inspiring me to love tumblr again because her hair is pink and she said so. Nope, she was messaging me to tell me about playing Xbox Kinect dance and Lady Gaga.

So, if you aren’t already, come follow me into the bittersweet land of Eurotrash….


image: La Societe (Lula and Julio)

Working on a better post about Gucci, fashion and art… I still wanna tickle your daily need for updates on the Eurotrash life (or so I’d like to think when I wake up in the morning, turn my laptop on and sign-in to wordpress). Remember my past two posts about Dress To Kill mag launch and the Grafic boutique opening party? Indeed you do! I managed to scrounge up some press photos featuring yours truly and some of the sexy people I keep company with.

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Today has been one of those days where hours go by like minutes and hunger is never really satiated. I could eat everything in my refrigerator right now and then I sit down in front of this screen, I place my fingers on these familiar keys and wait for my brain. My phone rings and it’s Lula – she claims I inspire her but today it’s quite the contrary: “Blog woes, eh. Why don’t you do a post about life through your new vintage glasses?”. And then my brain starts to work. And here I am pounding down on those familiar keys like a boss – (but probably more like a secretary, IRL).

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Lula is on the homepage and is actually her own side banner.

Dear avid readers,

Like I said last week after sharing the photos taken for NYLON magazine’s denim contest: “We got this one in the bag, right?”. Well, we did indeed. Last night an ecstatic Lula called me, the mania in her voice as though she just overdosed on a bag of only-red Skittles: “I’m on NYLON’s homepage”, was her message, although words such as star, fame, omg, who the fuck is Alice Tate, whatever – were also sung in the same breath.

Here’s the link, both LULA and I made their best dressed list:

So the mag credited some chick named Alice – big deal, we say. YOU all know who we are and that’s what counts! So, thanks to everyone who made our NYLON denim post a winner in their hearts and on their twitter feeds. Being almost famous is this cloudy Thursday morning’s pumpkin spice latte.


Eurotrash & Lula.