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Wayne London Fashion Week Spring 2014

Three things I need from this collection: the sandals aka “Jesus Birkenstocks”, the silk screened sweatshirts of full moons and the custom made leather that is dyed to look like bleached denim – in either dress or blazer counterpart. I’d be happier with both. Bravo, Mr. Lee, this collection is super wearable and oh-so Scandinavian chic.

I’ve been deliberating on this one for a while. But, a pic of her with her little motorino helmet and I was sold. Cara Delevingne, Miss, you are Eurotrash. Not to mention that her and her sister, Poppy, are London socialites-cum-models. Or the other way around? Who’s counting.

Cara is the official face of Burberry and has walked countless runways with her moves like Jagger. My hesitation was her rocker girl aesthetic, it was a bit too hard for the playful Eurotrash who prefers Pucci over Vivienne Westwood; who drinks espresso instead of high tea. And who most certainly doesn’t photograph looking like she forgot to shower and wash her hair. But there are times when Cara is sweet, like on the DSquared2 runway, looking as though she’s a modern day Monica Vitti. Here are some of my favourite shots of the tiny little Brit.

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