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Bianca Balti illustration by Lisa Nishimura for Whatever Eurotrash.

Another one of my favourite Missoni ladies, Bianca Balti, is also one of those Eurotrash muses I like to talk about. So much so that Lisa Nishimura sketched and pixeled her up for me! Why is Balti eurotrash? First of all, she isn’t Britney Spears famous. Eurotrash prefers a small, but astute following. If you catch a glimpse of her, she always looks perfect – none of this stars are just like us bullshit hiding under a baseball cap without spanx. Secondly, she can make jeans and a tank work fucking miracles on a Fendi peek-a-boo bag that costs more than your last 2 mortgage payments. Bianca Balti. Remember her name because chances are, she won’t remind you.

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Margherita Missoni illustration by Lisa Nishimura for Whatever Eurotrash.

If there’s any brand that embodies the effortless chic of being Eurotrash, it’s Missoni. There’s something so patently European about the colour zigzags that catch the discerning eye from miles away. As a sort of homage to the brand, Eurotrash shares a series of illustrations, articles and photographs that should sorta make you fall in love at first sight, or for some of us, all over again.

Part of the celebrations include a series of illustrations by Toronto-based illustrator, Lisa Nishimura. Such a shy girl to talk to at first, but her art speaks volumes about the caliber of artist you’re dealing with. I asked her a few questions about her work and her ambitions as she coloured away these gorgeous illustrations of Margherita Missoni. Having her pieces here on the blog is so super exciting for me!

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 Margherita Missoni illustration by Lisa Nishimura for Whatever Eurotrash

The flu almost got the best of me last week but plenty of rest, oil of oregano, vegan soup and carrot juice got me through. Today I’m proud to announce the beginning of the MISSONI celebration here on Eurotrash. The house is a classic example of luxury knitwear in it’s most idiosyncratic form. The token Missoni prints and patterns have become synonymous with European chic. Once you see those stripes, you know the kind of lady you’re dealing with. Enjoy the subtle missoni-fied changes we made here on the blog and tune in for some special Missoni related posts, illustrations and photo shoots in the upcoming days!

xo Eurotrash

image: a la mode annual Xmas postcard. The fashion illustration is done by Lisa Nishimura and is inspired by Burberry Prorsum FW2011 collection and the fairytale, Little Red Riding Hood.

12 Days of Eurotrash Christmas Giveaway – Every year fashion director of, Marcus Kan, enlists a talented artist to conjure up an illustration, springing from a particular Fall/Winter runway collection. Last year it was Alexander McQueen, this year it’s Burberry Prorsum. Receiving one of these postcards is the ultimate holiday treat. The design is kept secret and possessing the postcard is equivalent to being part of some hush-hush fashion circle. Or at least I’m going to equate it to that – you know us eurotrash, always so recondite.


So, in keeping with the secrecy, I’ve decided to reveal each item in the giveaway one-by-one over the span of the next few weeks before Christmas. The first item in the gift bag is a $50 gift card courtesy of Ukamaku, who so generously agreed to let the lucky winner shop online using the one-time discount.

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