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image: Amedeo Scognamiglio cameo skull rings.

With all this chatter about LGFW here in Toronto, which I learned today from the icy-blonde princess (in a good way), Lisa Kisber, is the 2nd largest fashion week in North America – go team! – it’s always nice to take a break from local frenzy to see what’s going on in the world. Enter This site was my fashion senior kindergarden, (JK being Jeanne Beker on Fashion Television), and I cling to it lovingly even though there are far more interesting and unique websites out there in the name of style. Sometimes, my loyalty pays off.

Today, Brittany Adams follows an understated trend seen on fashionable necks, ears and wrists this season: the cameo. Remember Laura Secord? Something tells me their signature chocolate cameos are going to be in FLARE’s holiday issue under “what to buy the fashionista who has everything”. Lisa Tant, I will gladly write the feature; I’ll even spare both of us the headache of having to hire me as anĀ intern first.

I think cameos are simply great. They give a vestige of something old, forgotten. Or, if you do like Amedeo Scognamiglio, he can quickly update this traditional adornment by carving something like a skull, perhaps, instead of a bust. Either way I’m totally on board with receiving a dozen chocolate cameos, maybe insert a real Scognamigilio in the centre slot, as the PERFECT Christmas present. Hint, hint! Gosh, I hope my boyfriend reads this post.