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As I was driving down dufferin at 8 o’clock friday morning, all my favourite (famous) bloggers were schmoozing at my favourite (famous) store in Florence, Luisa Via Roma. Why I was not invited to celebrate Luisa’s 10th anniversary is a mystery to me, considering I discovered that store 7 years ago, in fact the very summer eurotrash was invented! The back story to this is that Emilia and I had met these cute Florentines the night before who were sporting the then-cool, John Richmond jeans; you know, the ones that say RICH on the ass? Talking a lot of BS as usual, we agreed to let the boys accompany us to buy a pair each the next afternoon. Eurotrash will be eurotrash – not knowing how much these things were gonna cost us, we dropped by Luisa’s early the next morning, incognito, to check out the price so as to avoid embarrassment when we went back “for the first time” later with the boys. The key is not to flinch when reading the 300 euro price tag AND for us canadians, to place a courtesy call to VISA a few hours prior to purchasing in order to give them the “heads up”.

The RICH jeans were nice, but the limited edition NOTIFY jeans designed by Canadian model, Linda Evangelista, were definitely more my speed. Instead of “RICH”, they read “BACIAMI DI PIU – LUISA VIA ROMA” on the butt – and lemme tell you, mine was just big enough to fit all those words, perfectly. Did I buy them that morning? HELL YES. I wasn’t gonna wait for some shady florentines to take me shopping. By the way, “baciami di piu” translates to “kiss me more”; needless to say, I heard a lot of that that summer.

A year later I went back again to buy more NOTIFY jeans and then all of a sudden Luisa’s became so famous, everyone and their mother started shopping there – prices went up, a red carpet now leads the way in, and they are always serving champagne.

Since I’m sure my invite got lost in the mail (things usually do when coming from Europe, ahem Italy, especially), I’ve had to re-live the anniversary events by proxy, keeping track of all the invited bloggers’ posts on twitter and bloglovin. Here’s two pictures taken by Jak and Jil blog of two beautiful shoes by DSquared2 and Nicholas Kirkwood for Rodarte – both available at Luisa’s. You can also find updates on Sea of Shoes and of course, The Blonde Salad.

Happy Anniversary, Luisa.
Love Always,