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That damn KENZO tiger motif keeps taunting me. Ever since it appeared on forest green sweatshirts on street style starlets I was like, me too! The duo, Humberto Leon and Carol Lim (of Opening Ceremony) are the masterminds behind KENZO’s recent success. The brand relaunched in July 2011 with Leon and Lim appointed as Creative Directors. I mean, if  you know anything about anything, you know that nowadays KENZO is much more than just a glass perfume bottle with a poppy in it. Recent collabos include a Fall/Winter collection with Italian cult magazine, TOILETPAPER – the more final scene of Zabriskie Point, the better. Just like a Eurotrash should.

Alas, I can put the KENZO tiger on my Christmas wish list (hint, hint) because their jewellery collection is finally available at Holt Renfrew, right here in Toronto. My favourite has to be the silver tiger ring with coloured enamel – how fun would this look with a matching manicure in tiger stripes?

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photo 1

Image by Anna dello Russo

I must preface this post by admitting that I am currently sitting at my desk, a cloudy Toronto skyline is ostensibly the most beautiful thing in my periphery, and no, I’m not in Paris. However, thanks to Anna dello Russo, who is in Paris, I get to peruse the actually beautiful Delfina Delettrez jewellery presentation that took place today at the Almine Rech Gallery.  Read the rest of this entry »

These days I’m lacking lots of things. A photographer – another human being, really, who will point and shoot my camera; a tripod, perhaps; diamonds, most definitely. I try with the limited space and resources available to me. My real goal is to show you my new pants from Stefanel and how I wore them last night to the Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend event by FAJO Magazine and !Xam Diamonds. Yeah, I tried on a 4.08c cushion cut stone with another carat in the halo and band. I mean, it was sparkly and nice and looked SO WRONG on even my right ring finger, but I’m more of a Blake Lively solitaire kinda girl.

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image: (from top left) Riviera Sky Hero Chandelier Earrings $4,250; Modern Rock Candy Drop Earrings $3,500; Riviera Modern Rock Candy Gelato Cluster Ring $4,995; Riviera Modern Rock Candy Gelato Bangle $3,495. Available on Moda Operandi until November 18.

The recipe to become a European woman is a guarded secret. Sojourns in Paris, a few summers spent in the Amalfi Coast, perhaps a semester abroad complete with a year-long romance in Lugano – these are all initiations towards the prototype. If you’re among the chosen ones you’ll know full well about that je ne sais quois European women possess. It’s impossible to attain.

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image: Wilfredo Rosado

Hand carved shell cameo pendant with 18k hammered gold and diamonds. Price tag? I have no idea. I’m assuming it’s 5 figures. What’s a girl to do. Either we swoon over gorgeous pieces we’ll never own or we seep into the grunge-on-grunge bargain shopping in Kensington, wearing mismatched socks mom bought us at The Gap three Christmases ago. Really, how do designers expect us to live? $3,000 for a bag – OK, maybe. $30,000 for a pendant – OK, never. Liking beautiful things is worse than a drug addiction – at least with drugs there’s the sweet prospect of dying from an O.D. and never paying your dealer back. A Balenciaga won’t kill you. No matter how many you buy in one day.

image: Garde del Avante. Sauvage signature collection skull ring.

All Hallow’s is only weeks away and I gotta admit – it’s my favourite time of the year. Yes, that is correct; I like dead people more than Santa Clause. Which is strange because St. Nick is usually packing Vuitton…

Back in 1998, I remember spending the entire night in my mother’s bed watching the Nagano Olympics after seeing The Exorcist at Yorkdale with my friends. Perhaps that’s why I’ve always romanticized witches and goblins, because they fucking scare the living daylights out of me. It’s like if I make them into little cartoon characters that go around calling my boyfriend a pumpkin, they (and he) will no longer torment me. In 2005 I slept with the light on for an entire year (yes, 365 days) due to a nightmare I had in which I was possessed by the devil; coincidentally, the nightmare occurred after a long day studying for my exam on Dante’s Inferno. I know, I have huge issues.

So when all ya’ll naysayers look down on skull iconography in fashion as being so OVER I get to reclaim a symbol I’ve always been obsessed with. Take that! Or don’t. I’m unsure as to whether you naysayers even exist; the people still seem to be wearing skulls season after season… enough already! Why can’t I just be the only one? As I come to terms with having to share my skulls with every other fashion blogger and most people who get dressed in the morning, it would be unfair to give in to my initial impulse when I saw Garde del Avante‘s super spooky Halloween ’11 collection of skull jewelry. That impulse, by the way, had nothing to do with telling the whole world about these pieces – just to be clear.

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