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The November Candle. Well, that’s the literal translation of her name. Married to Italian architect, Fabio Novembre, Candela is a self-proclaimed vintage lover, part-time model and full-time mom. She is one of Grazia Italia’s ‘It Girls‘ and as of today, inducted into my Eurotrash People blog of fame.

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This whole talk about Miranda Kerr, blonde wig and nip slip, playing legendary Italian porn star Cicciolina in the September issue of V Magazine has got me thinking about the real thing. Miranda did an awesome job playing the part, especially in conveying a precociousness that is not unlike the above picture where Ciccolina is rumoured to have been 16 years old. Don’t you dare Google recent pictures of her, I want us to remember or become acquainted with Cicciolina just as she is in this photograph: a paragon of male fantasy as perpetuated – to this day – by Italian media; a surefire anomaly when it comes to the sexual objectification of women on television, movies and cellphone commercials. This is by no means a criticism of it, just an observation and tip of the hat to Ciccolina, who may I say, had killer style with that Buone Vacanze graphic tee and floral crown back in the day.


I think if you stand too close to Anna dello Russo you begin to morph into her not-so-quite replica. Such has been the fate of her assistant, Carlotta Oddi. Not quite Anna, but still quite Eurotrash.

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This week I’m featuring Italian variety show superstar and every guy’s dream, María Belén Rodríguez Cozzani, but you know her as just BelénEven whilst pregnant, this woman manages to be Eurotrash. Her style is italianissima grunge; she probably has some Replay jeans in her closet and most likely used to shop at Liu Jo before she could afford Luisa Via Roma. And she wears a bikini the only way Italian women know how: barely there, straps tied to the band (not around the neck), thong 0r as they say in Italy, la tanga. Ray-Ban aviators, always. 

She is currently dating Stefano de Martino, dancer from the Italian talent show, Amici. Stefano is her baby daddy. But the tattoo man you see her with in some of the photos is her ex, Fabrizio Corona, who is now in prison serving a seven year sentence for blackmail. I told you, she’s got a grimy side to her. It’s OK, girl, that makes you more Eurotrash than ever.

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Original Eurotrash. Italian diva, Mina, sings this Billie Holiday classic on her album Noi Due. Listen Here. If you’re going on a European vacation this summer make sure this song is on your playlist! 

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