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Chloe Ma, Eurotrash and Marcus Kan. Photograph courtesy of Spiro Mandylor of It’s All Style to Me.

Last week we gathered in the Julia M. Gallery to view the¬†Tatsuaki¬†Spring collection. For my full review of the runway show visit – for my outfit, stay here. I think every Spring there’s a resurgence of either pastels or brights – the pattern seems to be an alternating one. Last Spring we were all told to grab solid bright colours, blue, red, brown, green and pink and stack them. Fashion whores called it colour blocking. We paid homage to Mondrian and worked our VISA at Zara – their entire store was colour blocked last May. This season, much like Spring 2010, it’s back to pastels. And quite frankly, I couldn’t be happier. The colour block stuff is too abrasive for me. I mean, who wants to walk around looking primed for a popsicle stick shoved squarely up their ass? Nah. Give me pastels and flowers any day.