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Sass & Bide’s Heidi Middleton at home.

A Eurotrash moment from a summertime somewhere. Maybe from my past, maybe in my future. Love runners as primary mode of transportation whilst ensconced in a long black parachute skirt and a biker vest. My interest is piqued by the statue just right of our leading lady; two ladies, both swathed, side-by-side yet centuries apart.


If you remember a few weeks ago upon my return from New York Fashion Week, I posted about an elusive “pink lady” who I saw there but had no idea who she was. Since, I’ve not only found her blog, My Empirical Life, but I’ve added her to my list of Australian style blog inspirations (the ever-growing), and had a little exchange with her over instagram (i heart social media!). Now it’s time that Tanja Gacic was featured on my blog as an official Eurotrash girl, don’t you think?  Read the rest of this entry »

new york street style pink fendi bag

Saw this girl walking around after the Karen Walker show in the Meatpacking district. She looked just as regal in real life as she does in this photograph with her monochromatic pink outfit; the bag, a satin Fendi with interlocking F’s. So chic. She is a vision in pink! Incidentally, I have no idea who she is. If anyone knows, please leave a comment.

UPDATE: Her name is Tanja G and she is the blogger behind My Empirical Life. She’s also a blogger for Vogue Australia. So, you see folks, all it takes is a great pair of shoes.


 Photography by JR Bernstein

Taking photos around Tribeca after the Sass & Bide show on Tuesday, at The James Hotel rooftop, finally, and earlier, kicking it around Grand Central Station after the jam-packed Diesel show – which we didn’t get to see thanks to Kanye West’s ego taking up five seats – we had to watch from outside the Vanderbilt Hall due to overcapacity regulations. But like I always say when things don’t go quite as planned during Fashion Week, “there’s always next season”. Sass & Bide was spectacular though and I must say my futuristic outfit proved for the perfect street style photographs. I’m wearing a leather Caitlin Power dress, Nella Bella Morelle Clutch and Dolce Vita shoes with transparent heel (on trend). Metallics, plastics and leather. A high ponytail is the only way to complete this look. And of course, a cupcake from famed Magnolia Bakery.  Read the rest of this entry »


Photography by JR Bernstein

We made it to New York City, the big apple. The place where dreams are made of. I absolutely need a few days in this town to recharge my fashion inspiration. I’m like a kid in a candy store, drooling at this fashion feast. Before I dig in, I thought I’d post some pics of my own. I’m wearing up and coming Toronto-based fashion label, BAZZUL. Creative director, Felicia Burke, was so sweet to dress me for Fashion Week – big thanks! Love reppin’ my Toronto brands in NYC. The dress was perfect for an 8am flight, lunch at the Soho House, straight to the Karen Walker show and then vagabonding all day with JR Bernstein along the High Line and dinner with the Kenton Magazine crew. I paired it with my new Miista boots from where they are available for pre-order. I added a “Dazzling Blue” accent by the means of a Wilfred sweater tied around my waist. The colour, by the way, is heralded as the lovechild of Cobalt blue and Spring 2014. #thankmelater  Read the rest of this entry »


What can I say, four times a charm. This whole thing started with my damaged hair and a desire for ombre. Of course, we had to bleach the ends, one last time, and so my stylist, Kristina, owner of Loki Hair Studio, suggested we use a clay treatment over the next couple weeks to bring my hair back to life.

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“I’m not even holding a camera, but incidentally, why is it when I do this *click click*, it means something different than when you look into my eyes?” I’m standing infront of Drew Haran, half-naked, in his studio in downtown Toronto. He’s waving his camera around emphatically as he speaks, trying to get me out my shell and be less nervous about that mechanical device in his hands. He adds, “photography is a conversation.”

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If you don’t know by now, I’ve been enlisted to try the Eufora Damage Cure Clay Masque at the place where all hair goes to be born again, Loki Hair Studio. This time around I came in with hair from the gym – you know what that means. But Kristina and her team worked their magic, yet again. My hair feels softer, my dry scalp is bye bye bye and the colour is SO vibrant. Incidentally, at the end of my appointment, Kristina took out the measuring stick and I’m sitting pretty at 15 inches – we measure after every appointment as per the rules of The Long Hair Club. My goal is 20. You think I can make it ?

Loki Hair Studio is located at 2986 Dufferin Street just south of Lawrence Ave.  phone number: 416-830-995

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Can’t believe this is actually me! My tresses after the first clay treatment yesterday. 

My hair has been dyed, styled, straightened, crimped, curled, jet black, highlighted, low-lighted, bleach blonde, red ombré, short, long, and… tired. In fact, my hair is SO damaged that my stylist, Kristina Lombardi, picked me to be her “guinea pig” for Eufora‘s latest hair repair treatment, the Damage Cure Clay Masque. This clay treatment promises to bring my hair back to life by rebuilding the inner structure of my hair, repairing damage caused by chemicals, heat styling and UV exposure. So, for the next month, I’ll be having the treatment done at Loki Hair Studio in Toronto every week and we’ll be sharing our findings with all of you right here on the blog!

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Toronto native, Sarah Miles, is the kind of girl who is effortlessly fashionable. She’s urban, gritty and would fit in with New York City’s Dumbo district. She’s the token LABEL clothing girl; a model, she’s worked in PR, casting and cataloguing vintage. Her dream is to produce fashion shows. You can find her whipping her hair back and forth on the weekend at some invite-only party or conversely, looking nonchalant at a walk-in bar in the Junction. You’re apt to quickly call her a city girl; in this Bloggertorial, she is everything but.