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Givenchy Antigona bag alligator tommy ton

One of the highlights of Toronto Fashion Week this season was ogling The Parsons Reject‘s accessories every day, and trying to figure out ways to distract her so as to five finger discount that Givenchy. But I guess a picture’s worth a thousand dollars, in this case. Cheetah spots and alligator skin. I see a red sole peeking out from under her shoes, too. Could they be Louboutin? And of course her super luxe accessories juxtapose her ripped boyfriend jeans, à la Eurotrash. Thanks, Cassandra, for keeping the street style really unattainable this World MasterCard Fashion Week.

Drinks at the Met rooftop in Preen and Zac Posen. Illustration by Lacee Swan

Because most cities don’t have beaches and Nelly coined, “Penthouse, rooftop, birds I’m feeding.” The nouveau riche flock to the tops of buildings. For some reason, like being seated royally on a high, high throne, elevation is an index of social class. Just look down at those looking up in admiration, do a little twirl and curtsy, amiright?

Toronto has certainly seen its own rooftop resurgence. In fact, I’m writing this post from my own rooftop right now. Cheeky.

The Thompson Hotel, Ultra-cum-Cube, Panorama, The Trump, The Park Hyatt, The Drake Sky Yard, Remy’s, Vivoli and The CN Tower Skywalk – what? It counts in my books!

First thing’s first, though. Just cause we’re moving above sea level doesn’t mean the same land rules apply up here. I mean, have you ever seen someone try to get away with spending six dollars on a beer at a rooftop bar? Um, hello, everything costs more as the altitude changes. The higher up you go, well, you know the drill. So pack those hundos if you want to survive the 60-storey luxury mark-up.

Here are the unofficial Eurotrash rules to rooftop etiquette, inspired by people who are evidently better than you:

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The Givenchy Lizard Skin Obsedia Clutch;   $1975 CAD;

HOT OFF THE FUCKING PRESS. The lizard could very well be the same lizard Jackie Siegel killed in Wednesday night’s hot doc presentation of The Queen of Versailles. This bag is fresh. Just added to 2 days ago – I was like, whaaat? Oh no you di’int.

How am I ever going to afford this clutch is beyond me. This afternoon I took off work to try my hand at panhandling down on Queen Street. I’ll pull at those strung out hipsters’ heartstrings. They got money. They own shit like motorcycles, pop-up shops and commensals. I’m actually going to visit the girl who has basically dressed me every fashion event this past year, Ashley Rowe, she’s having a sale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dreams of Givenchy are close to me and there isn’t an eel-trimmed blazer I wouldn’t wear the lizzy-lizard purse with. If I was I’d start a fundraiser, but I’m just a Eurotrash girl trying to look FTD (fresh to death, not fuck to down). Donate now?


 Givenchy PreFall 2012. image source

The house of Givenchy. Something we used to define Audrey Hepburn movies by now turned into one of the biggest, baddest fashion wolves out there. The word iconic should be readily applied here. A woman who wears Givenchy not only has the bank account of the one percent, but the kind of taste money can’t buy. Sociologists like Pierre Bourdieu would have killed me for saying that – his theories say the two, money and taste, work together to keep the lower classes in check. Taste is inextricably bound to money. But how can you look at Givenchy and not jones for that sweet mix of crisp, tailored symmetry and softness? It’s either totally universally stunning or the biggest mindfuck job the fashion industry has ever pulled.

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Acne Leather/Suede Tall Caesar Boots, $765.00
Current Elliott The Ankle Skinny Jeans in Atlantic, $255.00
Givenchy Small Nightingale Shopping Bag in Dark Violet, $1,635.00

Well, well, well. I found my latest weakness: You know what keeps me up at night other than Paranormal Activity movie trailers? I often toss and turn as my mind weaves impossible mathematical equations to permit me buying a $1,700 bag or a $600 pair of shoes. My version of A Beautiful Mind would be a Sarah-Jessica-Parker-size closet filled with beautiful designer pieces and me inside, doing snow angels atop Alexander McQueen silk skull scarves. Call me crazy!

On my latest visit (2 hours ago), I sniped jewel-toned must-haves that will for sure keep me up all night long. Their marketing team, I must say, is a tribe of geniuses. They update the site every Tuesday and Thursday making last week’s Missoni hat incomparable to this week’s Balenciaga Giant City bag – just in! If anyone out there knows of some fast money-making scheme, I’m down for anything – except for maybe a pyramid scam or importing/exporting. Please, PLEASE, let me get what I want on MyTheresa this time. Lord knows, it would be the first time.

Also on my list: A Very She & Him Christmas album.

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