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I don’t know who this girl is but this is perhaps one of the most Eurotrash photos I’ve seen in a long time. She reminds me of my Florentine muse, the girl who kickstarted my lifelong commitment to defining what exactly it means to be Eurotrash, and embodying that definition. Making a place for this aesthetic way of life in the fashion canon hasn’t been easy, but it’s photographs like this that remind me I’m neither alone nor misguided. Vive la Eurotrash!

You’ll need: a piazza, a tan, high heels, ripped jean shorts, something vintage, something gold, faceshields (sunglasses) and an accent.

Stumbled upon this ancient Vogue Paris shoot featuring Brazilian export, Adriana Lima and the most Eurotrash accessory pairings I’ve seen in a long time. The colours – bubble gum pink? OK, have we watched My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding? Screams trashy, but Lima keeps it classy with her Brazilian, come hither eyes. I love her arm parties, and you know how much I hate arm parties. It’s like girls think they are going to get famous, ahem Man Repeller, taking the same photo of the same bracelet pairing just switched around every other day. PS. I used to really love Man Repeller.

Anyway fur, Chanel bags, Vuitton, jingarells (as Emilia would say), and a whole lot of BLING watches a Eurotrash girl make.

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Donna Karan look from

How I plan on getting through the rest of winter came from an inspiration I had while eavesdropping on an utterly intolerable fashion model. She was trying on a pair of Brian Atwood booties, coached by her ex-model-cum-agent on how they were going to turn the model’s recent punk haircut into a total image overhaul. Kinda like Rihanna – minus the domestic violence. The model chopped off all her hair the day before and now stood there like a poor man’s Agyness Deyn.

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