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Sunny Fong is the creative director and founder of Canadian ready-to-wear label, VAWK. He also has the best smile in the biz (unrelated but noteworthy). Vawk collections are available at The Room in both Toronto and Vancouver, but between August 12 – September 15, the Vawk for eBay capsule collection will be available at at fixed Buy it Now! prices with free shipping across Canada. My favourite piece from the seven limited edition items is the lizard embossed collar with fox fur ($79 CAD). The collection is all black, everything. Perfect for Fall and nighttime fairytales. Which one is your favourite?

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Photography by JR Bernstein.

Another season, another reason, to wear Bottega.

Finally summoned the courage to tote my satin snakeskin Bottega Veneta clutch in real life. I paired the bag with a layered outfit including my mom’s vintage checkered blazer with fox fur collar. My necklace was a gift from a friend, a hand painted bird skull mould, from Australia. My hair was inspired by The Blonde Salad and totally revamped by stylist, Kristina Lombardi at Loki Hair Studio. This look reminds me of New York City under the clouds, even though I was under the tents at David Pecaut Square in downtown Toronto, instead.

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If you joined me yesterday, I showed you how to style the Rachel Sin sequin pant for daytime fun. Where yesterday was sporty, today is glamourous. Although people on facebook dared to call me homeless when I posted an outtake from this particular look as my profile picture (albeit I was making a face that alluded to vagabonding), I really hope you all agree with the sequin tuxedo (as in sequin-on-sequin).

I’m wearing the same sequin pants from Rachel Sin paired with a sequin racerback tanktop from, wait for it, bebe. Hey man, you never know what you’ll find there. My shoes are Betsey Johnson (RIP) but I bought them at Winners for $50 a few summers ago. I love the blue jewel that sits atop my toes. A vintage mink stole; bejewelled daisy bib necklace available here at Forever21, and a pavé coral frog ring from Italy.

Remember, use the code EUROTRASH25 at to get 25% off anything and everything you buy until December 10, 2012!

The sequin pants are a favourite holiday staple for me. They are perfect for those endless holiday dinners (elastic waistband, hello) and you won’t ever have to worry about making the naughty list when a mean game of Twister ensues after overdosing on fruitcake. Because if you were wearing a skirt, well, there it is.

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Toronto native, Sarah Miles, is the kind of girl who is effortlessly fashionable. She’s urban, gritty and would fit in with New York City’s Dumbo district. She’s the token LABEL clothing girl; a model, she’s worked in PR, casting and cataloguing vintage. Her dream is to produce fashion shows. You can find her whipping her hair back and forth on the weekend at some invite-only party or conversely, looking nonchalant at a walk-in bar in the Junction. You’re apt to quickly call her a city girl; in this Bloggertorial, she is everything but.

Outerwear is a Canadian runway favourite – with more than half of the year spent in jackets, coats and down filled bombers, Rudsak makes dressing for the colder months something Canadians can look forward to. This season’s Fall/Winter collection showcased mixed fabrics and textures, with pops of neutral colours alongside the stalwart black attributed to the Rudsak name. “I think the technology has evolved. It’s easier to mix different fabrics and different hardwares onto the basic outerwear garment. I think people want that – as long as it’s not too much”, says Asatoorian backstage after the show.

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Image source Harper’s Bazaar.

Seriously, though. Who is this woman? Admittedly, I am horrible with celebrity names, fashion personnel, designers in the flesh, models… you name it, because I probably can’t. I’m getting better though. I could point out Poppy Delevigne in a line-up if I had to – provided she was the only blonde wrangled up, and wearing Mary Katrantzou. But this particular street style mainstay in some of the nicest furs I’ve seen to-date is the unknown soldier of fashion. OK, if Harper’s Bazaar didn’t even know her name when they published her Milan street style look, my ignorance can surely be forgiven.

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These days are seemingly fashionable. Sure, I spend my mornings in a bathrobe and accessorize with a large Starbucks coffee mug, one with pink hearts on it, at best. But what the heck, I’ve run through so many blog-worthy outfits without so much as a lingering, self-approving nod in a full length mirror – the one I still have yet to purchase. So here I am in all my glory. Why I love my fox fur coat is its guilt free provenance. A hand-me-down from my aunt (it even has her name stitched in the lining), I don’t have to worry about P.E.T.A. coming after me with a can of Benjamin Moore paint in shade C231, ox blood. I picture me just yelling: “Halt! It’s vintage” to the Jackson Pollock animal lovers. I can say these things, I think, because I’m a vegetarian. Why I love my Ray Ban honeys? They add an extra pop of colour to an otherwise dreary outfit. My boyfriend bought them for me while on a boys trip to Vegas – I hope they too have a guilt free provenance…

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Fashion week is all about finding a rhythm that works for you and sticking to it for the entire week. For example, one should usually try to sit in the same place for each show, I discovered this when my cushy front row was usurped from me last night by Tie Domi at Pink Tartan. Other things that have become routine for eurotrash: a tim’s run for an iced coffee before driving down to Allstream, my red moleskine notebook and green mechanical pencil to jot my notes, my green balenciaga giant city, 6pm coffee refill in the ML (which apparently changed it name yesterday to Press Club? ew), a daily dose of Miss SLY’s and Coco’s gossip from backstage, and last but not least, some sort of drive-thru fast food on my way home, which I eat in under 7 minutes – I can’t go ALL day on oatmeal bars and almonds.

If the rhythm is disrupted, madness ensues or at least that’s what I presume since I’ve been very careful not to break my FW habits. It seems as though the designers have also followed suit when it comes to not breaking patterns. Sure, each collection has its unique strengths and feel but overall, leave it to eurotrash to spot the common denominators; the habits of fall/winter, if you will.

I present to you,



Just as predicted after IZMA, fur is the new fruit of the loom. From fur collars at Lundstrom, fur ties and shoes at Dimitri Chris, fur gloves at LOVAS and Tartan, fur boleros, fur shoulder pads and full fur skirts at Tartan, fur sleeve and boots at McDonagh, fur belt at Saniya Khan, and fur everything else at IZMA – if you’ve got fur you can’t go wrong.

LOVAS gloves

Lundstrom collar

Dimitri Chris tie

McDonagh boots

LOVAS bolero

Fur sleeve/collar at McDonagh

Eurotrash will be updating you on more trends after day 5, but as a preview so far keep your eyes peeled for feathers, metallics, sequence, drapery, the tuxedo, wings, REDS and ROSES, graphics and winter whites. The parts of the body you want to highlight by dressing first and dressing best this fall: your neck and your back. And please, for heaven’s sake, do Katrina Tuttle’s collection justice and DON’T LEAVE HOME WITHOUT A COAT!

Eurotrash usually blogs in the a.m., but a tims iced coffee (her new drink) has fuelled her to stay up just a little while longer to bring her readers the freshest of updates from Toronto’s LG Fashion Week. She really thought it best to stay home and skip the first show a cause de rain and clouds, but when she read up on IZMA, whose collection was chosen to open the week, she quickly got dressed and found herself driving down Strachan anxious to see lots and lots of fur.

Who would’ve thought Toronto was so posh? She walked into the Allstream Centre and immediately found herself on a red carpet having her picture snapped by some paparazzi (or a keener first-time photographer…whatever). The huge reception room was bustling with honestly, the best dressed people in the city, and all these kiosks handing out swag. Chandeliers, Jeanne Beker, models hired to pose and drink champagne, a swank bar with swank men popping up in all directions – what more could a eurotrash girl ask for on her first night? I have to admit, at times I was forced to remind myself that I was here for the clothes and not to gawk at impeccably dressed men who were gorgeousness and gorgeosity made flesh!

Yes, on to the clothing. Esteemed Canadian designer, Izzy Camilleri and fashion renaissance man, Adrian Mainella, are the two parts that make up IZMA. Tonight eurotrash was privy to the debut collection of Canadian wild furs and it was absolutely stunning. You know when you watch Fashion Television and the runway shows just look so glamourous you almost think to yourself: oh, it’s just like that cuz it’s on TV, it must not really be so glamourous from the front row. Hate to break it to all of you out there in denial (I certainly was – until tonight): a fashion show is actually 100 times more glamorous in real life. Every single piece looks absolutely perfect! I really don’t know how anyone could berate a collection they get to see on the runway; it could also be, though, that I am still very much a fashion show virgin. Oh how I dread the day when I’ll have something bad to say about a runway show!

My favorite pieces were the puffed-sleeve, cropped fur jacket, the kangaroo-pouch men’s fur shawl, the leather tuxedo with fur top underneath and the draped fur shawl with midriff showing and high waisted pant. The show had an overall feel of bare naked bodies, milky white porcelain and smooth chocolatey skin, and gently tousled hair contrasted by large, and at times, swaddling, fur pieces and cool crisp leather. It was like adam and eve running out into the Canadian tundra and finding not leaves, but IZMA’s fall collection with which to cover their innocence.