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Thursday night in Toronto just got better. I’ll be DJ’ing the official launch party for this pop up shop hosted by Shoppalu in collabo with all these great people: Walk-in Closet, and Kenton Magazine. Something old and something new, vintage meets all kinds of cool finds. So come shop, get a photo op with all of us bloggers-cum-DJs and enjoy what’s left of summer!


If there’s one style I am loving from the Fall runways it’s the printed sweater. I’m not usually one to jump on trends (I prefer to eschew them with my nose up in the air), but once in a while I like to play along. Let’s play the game of how much money is in my bank account at the present moment! Is it Marni or is is Wilfred? Budgeting a Fall wardrobe is definitely a numbers game and with all the fur, leather and knit – those zeroes just keep coming! Luckily, I’ve found two very similar checkered sweaters for every budget. I mean, if you’re going to buy a sweater you want to invest $100 at the very minimum, otherwise, and trust me when I say this, you are wasting your money. And if a luxe knit can make you feel like a million bucks, imagine what fur can do.

Carven 1

Thanks to my fashion crush du jour, Columbine Smille, I’ve not only started to pre-fall shop, but I’m doing it in a very feminine way by means of the pink coat. Columbine prefers Carven and By Malene Birger respective pink coats here. I’m deliberating between this Zara coat or this one by Sentaler. A super trend from the Fall runways, the pink coat carries with her the vestiges of a summer unsung – kind of like the one I’m having. And although it may be the summer of false starts, somewhere over the rainbow lies a season of new beginnings. What better way to start looking forward to next summer’s dreams by ushering in that gloomy moratorium called Winter with a soft pink armour? Read the rest of this entry »