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The very first fashion model I fell in love with was Christy Turlington. To me, she epitomized what I liked to call Roman beauty – a classic elegance and balance in her features pervades all eras and changing notions of what is beautiful. To me, she was the top. In many ways, she still is the top.  Read the rest of this entry »


Just came across this collaboration on Beau Coops – footwear that is sporty and luxurious. Love the colourblocked look, even if some might say it’s all gone Pete Tong by the time next Spring rolls around. I still think these babies are worth a second glance. Can’t you just imagine them with a short miniskirt, Balenciaga-esque ruffled hemline, a sporty sweatshirt with rounded shoulders and a cute pair of ankle socks? I can.

new york street style pink fendi bag

Saw this girl walking around after the Karen Walker show in the Meatpacking district. She looked just as regal in real life as she does in this photograph with her monochromatic pink outfit; the bag, a satin Fendi with interlocking F’s. So chic. She is a vision in pink! Incidentally, I have no idea who she is. If anyone knows, please leave a comment.

UPDATE: Her name is Tanja G and she is the blogger behind My Empirical Life. She’s also a blogger for Vogue Australia. So, you see folks, all it takes is a great pair of shoes.


 Photography by JR Bernstein

Taking photos around Tribeca after the Sass & Bide show on Tuesday, at The James Hotel rooftop, finally, and earlier, kicking it around Grand Central Station after the jam-packed Diesel show – which we didn’t get to see thanks to Kanye West’s ego taking up five seats – we had to watch from outside the Vanderbilt Hall due to overcapacity regulations. But like I always say when things don’t go quite as planned during Fashion Week, “there’s always next season”. Sass & Bide was spectacular though and I must say my futuristic outfit proved for the perfect street style photographs. I’m wearing a leather Caitlin Power dress, Nella Bella Morelle Clutch and Dolce Vita shoes with transparent heel (on trend). Metallics, plastics and leather. A high ponytail is the only way to complete this look. And of course, a cupcake from famed Magnolia Bakery.  Read the rest of this entry »


Sprezzatura, as defined by the Zingarelli dictionary (the Italian version of Merriam-Webster) is: studied carelessness. Honestly, if it had a synonym it would be Eurotrash. Recently, fashion vernacular has adopted sprezzatura, or sprezz, to describe a dapper gentleman who looks like he’s in front of the Pitti at any given time. He’s cool, nonchalant and impeccably well-dressed without evidence of any effort put into his outfit other than enviable brilliance.

One token accoutrement of the Sprezzatura man are his socks. A pop of colour, pattern and sexiness goes a long way around the ankles. I find ankles to be one of the most attractive parts of the male body (am I weird?), but gimme a great pair of shoes, some ankle flash, and I’m yours. Besides, it’s definitely a way of showcasing individual personality without pushing an outfit beyond the limits of Pagliaccio.

So, if you’re a guy with a proclivity for ankle swag and sprezzatura you could win 12 pairs of dapper socks from Toronto-based online boutique, Socking Behaviour. These guys specialize in helping every guy find their personal style by starting from the bottom – socks! All you have to do to win is:

1. Like Socking Behaviour’s FB Page and Whatever Eurotrash.

2. Post a picture of your style to Socking Behaviour’s wall tagging my blog, Whatever Eurotrash.

3. Most likes win 12 pairs of socks.

For more info, visit the Socking Behaviour website.

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Photography by JR Bernstein

We made it to New York City, the big apple. The place where dreams are made of. I absolutely need a few days in this town to recharge my fashion inspiration. I’m like a kid in a candy store, drooling at this fashion feast. Before I dig in, I thought I’d post some pics of my own. I’m wearing up and coming Toronto-based fashion label, BAZZUL. Creative director, Felicia Burke, was so sweet to dress me for Fashion Week – big thanks! Love reppin’ my Toronto brands in NYC. The dress was perfect for an 8am flight, lunch at the Soho House, straight to the Karen Walker show and then vagabonding all day with JR Bernstein along the High Line and dinner with the Kenton Magazine crew. I paired it with my new Miista boots from where they are available for pre-order. I added a “Dazzling Blue” accent by the means of a Wilfred sweater tied around my waist. The colour, by the way, is heralded as the lovechild of Cobalt blue and Spring 2014. #thankmelater  Read the rest of this entry »


What better day to post these scholarly photographs than the first day back to school? Summer may be coming to an end but there’s a promise of better outfit days in the Autumn – a crisp blazer never harmed nobody. My outfit here is sophisticated prep school meets transgressive student – fashionably – out of uniform; a look I am all too familiar with. I was forever altering my high school uniform to add some chic to my everyday as a 17 year old. Do I ever wish I could’ve worn these soft jersey sweat shorts back then; rope detail adds a touch of the nautical nose-snub. I colour-blocked with a grey cotton tank from Club Monaco, white blazer from H&M, and Dodo la Parisienne ballet flats (that have been through the ringer this summer). Double band chain ring by Made Her Think available at What’s a bougie outfit without a Gucci bag? The token stripe means access to the cool kid’s lunch table in the cafeteria. Duh. Speaking of cool kids, big thanks to Alexander Liang for shooting and inspiring these photographs! Read the rest of this entry »

White Blouse Tommy ton for via KC

Fall is around the corner and I’ve begun to source images that remind me what I want to look like in the upcoming months. It’s not very easy to look effortlessly stylish, often a lot of pre-planning and recon is vital to fashion supremacy. Disorder is the underbelly of dressing well, even if the very look we are trying to achieve is disorderly. Does that make sense or am I getting too semantic this morning? Nonetheless, I like this look because there is really no “order” to it. A studded belt from at least five season’s ago, the gaudy statement necklaces stacked right, a braid, masculine timepiece with a leather band – such disparate pieces. Her jeans look faded and her blouse is diaphanously feminine. I can’t figure out what the underlying organizational element is and that’s just what makes this look so aesthetically pleasing. You can’t put your finger on it, and you probably couldn’t duplicate it without looking all wrong. It’s a fleeting moment in style, which thankfully, someone captured in a photograph. This is enigmatic inspiration.


Anna Wintour proudly declared, “coats are the new handbag,” in the current September issue of Vogue. I couldn’t agree more. Braving single-digit temperatures paired with wind, rain, snow, sleet and just unfriendly conditions is something we’re all going to be re-living soon. In addition to the requisite, mid-winter visit to Miami, I’ve always been an advocate for luxurious outerwear – I mean, if you’re going to be wearing a coat every single day for seven months, it might as well be good quality and gorgeous. And the right coat can actually alleviate seasonal depression – or I’d be willing to bet my money on it. Read the rest of this entry »


Amsterdam. Paris. Ibiza. That’s her circuit. She showed up on my instagram after gushing over TRIANGL bikinis (even though, admittedly, it’s not a bikini summer for me). She’s also a bit of a zingara – which is praiseworthy in my books. Now I’m hooked on Lizzy and thankfully, she has a blog to keep me satiated. Daily dose of long hair and short skirts and Chanel boy bags. How many does she own? Who knows! I lost count once she started introducing them two-by-two with her sister, the Prince Harry of the duo.  Read the rest of this entry »