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That pointy nose. Those pointy, bunny ears. Welcome, Laetitia Crahay, to the Eurotrash people roster of fun. She has a baby and a cat, and lots of hats. Laetitia is the creative director of Maison Michel millinery and the jewellery director at Chanel. Meaning, her and the Kaiser are best buds. How chic? Her pregnancy clothes were Chanel tweed – that chic.

Her style reminds me of a French modernism that dips into cliché, tainting it with a refreshingly new sensibility. Like robots and rabbits that clutter her apartment, paired with the classic cloche and a string of pearls. Glistening surfaces with lots of black accents. Just looking at her, we begin to see the parallels between her life’s work and her life. The femme totale – not fatale – but everything. I think you need to be a bit of a maniac to create anything worthy of two interlocking C’s.   Read the rest of this entry »


Dear Carlyne,

You’re probably curled up on your couch, pressed up against a silk, Hermes-ensconced pillow while reading this. I always like to imagine an aesthetically pleasing situation when the receiver receives a message I’ve sent. You sip tea out of a gold-gilded teacup, pinky finger half mast. And that thick French accent, I learned, is Saint Tropez, not Paris. Read the rest of this entry »


Lathered in couture. Parisian born, Brazilian pedigree. I recently started following Alexia on Instagram and let me tell you, there are no pretences at the good life. Just a quick picture celebrating Charlotte Olympia’s birthday, fuzzily with an iPhone camera, like I would snap of my friends at dinner. Whatever. She’s some diplomat’s granddaughter, you know, blue blood type. She’s so unaffectedly jet-set she doesn’t even need to wear makeup – most of the time. Front row at Dior, hugs with Margherita Missoni in the Tuileries, Tuileries, Tuileries!

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From Brazil, but of Italian origin, Iza is the sole inspiration for lugging my ass to the gym after a long day at work. Following her on Instagram is like getting a stream of what I wished my body looked like all day long. Her Pilates regiment looks like some weird extortionist’s training but she does it religiously, suspending from bars and ropes. Plus, she’s fancy. Ever see her on the red carpet? Her legs as long as infinity. She killed it in Cannes this month, too. Her model street style is kinda sweet, too, with Valentino rockstud flats and Cartier bracelets (goddamn this woman).

She’s modelled the runways of the world, used to be a Victoria’s Secret Angel and apparently, doesn’t shave her legs. I can forgive her, though. Can you?

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Cara Delevingne in Burberry at Cannes 2013 

Instead of focusing on one “Eurotrash Person” today, I decided to highlight an event, at which all of my Eurotrash peoples were in attendance. What a congregation of couture dresses and fancy pants. Cannes, Antibes, Hotel du cap, Moncler after party, amFAR, Sharon Stone and of course, a red carpet. How can we know the intimate moments of last week’s French Riviera VIP-fest? The answer is, we can’t. But, using your wildest imaginings, complete with a catalogue of Roberto Cavalli gowns, as they say in colloquial Italian, c’arrivi. (translation: you’ll get there. undertone: ostensibly). Life is but a dream. So row, row, row, your yacht gently down the Mediterranean and enjoy these photos of my dearest amici.

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Another notch on the belt, another Aussie inducted into my Eurotrash clan. In my dreams, we’re all great friends. Sharing style tips and borrowing each other’s clutches. Enter, Elle Ferguson of, the queen of slouch. I picture her walk much like a chasse. Feet never more than a centimetre off the ground. Booties and shorts, booties and shorts, menswear shirts, booties and shorts. I’m singing this little rhyme about her with some Boozoo Bajou playing in the background. My warrior music when perusing the Internet for style headmistresses.

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The other Chiara. About the time I started following the blonde Chiara Ferragni in 2009, I also had my eye on her Betty counterpart, Chiara Biasi. Obviously, the former became the world’s greatest fashion blogger and Biasi, well, she remained the other Chiara of Italy’s fashion scene. Read the rest of this entry »

This week I’m featuring Italian variety show superstar and every guy’s dream, María Belén Rodríguez Cozzani, but you know her as just BelénEven whilst pregnant, this woman manages to be Eurotrash. Her style is italianissima grunge; she probably has some Replay jeans in her closet and most likely used to shop at Liu Jo before she could afford Luisa Via Roma. And she wears a bikini the only way Italian women know how: barely there, straps tied to the band (not around the neck), thong 0r as they say in Italy, la tanga. Ray-Ban aviators, always. 

She is currently dating Stefano de Martino, dancer from the Italian talent show, Amici. Stefano is her baby daddy. But the tattoo man you see her with in some of the photos is her ex, Fabrizio Corona, who is now in prison serving a seven year sentence for blackmail. I told you, she’s got a grimy side to her. It’s OK, girl, that makes you more Eurotrash than ever.

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You don’t know Lapo’s girlfriend, do you? Her name is Bianca Brandolini D’Adda. She’s an italian socialite who moonlights as a model. She probably has the longest legs on the peninsula. I love her style, obviously. Always a touch of darkness to her looks that eschew a stylist’s touch. I like that.

She’s got so many high class friends, it’s hard to find a pic of her by herself so here’s the best I could find. Disregard the Battaglias, Delevingnes and Sozzanis….

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Just Cavalli FW 2013. I call this collection Roberto’s Inferno. 

Just Cavalli FW13 show is happening RIGHT NOW. And tune in on Saturday morning for Roberto Cavalli FW 2013! In bocca al lupo. 

Part man, part eurotrash. Roberto Cavalli is one of those industry veterans that has never really had to change much of himself in order to stay relevant. He is somehow always anachronistic when it comes to the current fashion trends. He is just Cavalli, always and forever. Senza fine.

Imagine my delight when I flipped open the latest issue of Harper’s Bazaar and found his sunglass-shielded eyes staring up at me? The magazine chose the Italian designer for “MY LIST” – a day in the life of the industry’s most interesting players. Look out for Carine Roitfeld in the Fashion Issue. It’s one of my fave columns, needless to say.

So what did HB have to say about Cavalli (or what did Cavalli have to say about himself?)

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