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I think if you stand too close to Anna dello Russo you begin to morph into her not-so-quite replica. Such has been the fate of her assistant, Carlotta Oddi. Not quite Anna, but still quite Eurotrash.

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I don’t know who this girl is but this is perhaps one of the most Eurotrash photos I’ve seen in a long time. She reminds me of my Florentine muse, the girl who kickstarted my lifelong commitment to defining what exactly it means to be Eurotrash, and embodying that definition. Making a place for this aesthetic way of life in the fashion canon hasn’t been easy, but it’s photographs like this that remind me I’m neither alone nor misguided. Vive la Eurotrash!

You’ll need: a piazza, a tan, high heels, ripped jean shorts, something vintage, something gold, faceshields (sunglasses) and an accent.


Dear Carlyne,

You’re probably curled up on your couch, pressed up against a silk, Hermes-ensconced pillow while reading this. I always like to imagine an aesthetically pleasing situation when the receiver receives a message I’ve sent. You sip tea out of a gold-gilded teacup, pinky finger half mast. And that thick French accent, I learned, is Saint Tropez, not Paris. Read the rest of this entry »