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I think if you stand too close to Anna dello Russo you begin to morph into her not-so-quite replica. Such has been the fate of her assistant, Carlotta Oddi. Not quite Anna, but still quite Eurotrash.

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Bianca Balti and Margherita Missoni. Two european women who are style inspirations for this little lady. Balti, the sexpot. Margherita, the nouveau hippie. Balti, the bad girl. Margherita, the ostensibly not-so-bad-girl. If there’s something I try to incorporate in my style, it’s precisely a mixture of sex appeal and innocence.

A pair of vintage glasses, which are almost always on my face, add a touch of nerd to any outfit – wear them with a low cut shirt, exposing a questionable amount of cleavage, perhaps even a pop of lace and now you’re going places. Remember: skin is an accessory – added to the look rather than covered up by clothing.

Here are some random photos of both eurotrash girls:

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