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White Blouse Tommy ton for via KC

Fall is around the corner and I’ve begun to source images that remind me what I want to look like in the upcoming months. It’s not very easy to look effortlessly stylish, often a lot of pre-planning and recon is vital to fashion supremacy. Disorder is the underbelly of dressing well, even if the very look we are trying to achieve is disorderly. Does that make sense or am I getting too semantic this morning? Nonetheless, I like this look because there is really no “order” to it. A studded belt from at least five season’s ago, the gaudy statement necklaces stacked right, a braid, masculine timepiece with a leather band – such disparate pieces. Her jeans look faded and her blouse is diaphanously feminine. I can’t figure out what the underlying organizational element is and that’s just what makes this look so aesthetically pleasing. You can’t put your finger on it, and you probably couldn’t duplicate it without looking all wrong. It’s a fleeting moment in style, which thankfully, someone captured in a photograph. This is enigmatic inspiration.


I think if you stand too close to Anna dello Russo you begin to morph into her not-so-quite replica. Such has been the fate of her assistant, Carlotta Oddi. Not quite Anna, but still quite Eurotrash.

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 Celestial Tucked One Piece by Zimmermann; 330 USD

Ever since I first set foot in the Zimmermann boutique in Soho I had an inkling this brand was chic enough for a Eurotrash girl. Was I ever right! Their store reminds me of an independent boutique in some posh European beach town, where you know you’re going to find a gem. The name of the game are retro cuts and fabulously, kitschy prints. Bikinis are paired with beach towels, kaftans, shirts and hats. The store curates a total vacation look – not just swimwear. My favourite are their beach towels with tan leather holsters for easy transport (perfect for the girl who doesn’t believe in carrying a functional beach bag – me). Even in the dead of winter as I perused the Zimmermann store everything screamed TAKE ME TO AMALFI! Now that it’s finally August, I think it’s time we went away, don’t you?


Photograph from 

Give me a girl on the Amalfi coast with a kaftan and leather sandals, sunshine, and we’re back at Eurotrash’s birth. How many summers I spent in colourful bikinis and handmade sandals in the Medi (mediterranean) – yachts, boys and Dolce & Gabbana. Well, Columbine Smille, Swedish fashion editor of StyleBy magazine and freelance stylist had me at Praiano (arguably the most beautiful place on earth). Her high cheekbones and long legs double-take Kate Moss but she’s really quite more inventive. Sky blue chucks, plaid undertones and a dash of skin. Her street style is a breath of fresh air as she wiggles her way between glam and trash, minimal and excess. I’m taking cues from her for Fall, especially the knit sweater dress showing fresh fresh legs all the way to the top and mirrored sunnies. Work. It. Girl.  Read the rest of this entry »

L’Uomo Vogue, W Magazine, Dolce & Gabbana, dating a Roitfeld and a permanent fixture of The Sartorialist street fashion roster. Giovanna Battaglia. She could be Cleopatra in a casting call, as evinced by the Eddie Borgo campaign, of which she is the face. If you follow her on twitter, she’s always hanging with Stefano Gabbana (I actually follow both of them for a complete tete-a-tete). Her style is high luxe with a tendency to keep it classy. She’s not as crazy as ADR, and perhaps more feminine. Attends fashion shows with the utmost piety, and finds her way onto almost weekly. Want to learn more about this Eurotrash lady, check out the quasi-stalker blog about her: I want to be a Battaglia - but then again, who doesn’t!

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