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(photo credit Dolce & Gabbana)

Luchino Visconti’s La terra trema…. Sure, it’s a stated source of inspiration for Dolce & Gabbana‘s Spring Summer 2013 ad campaign.

But it’s more like Chef Lidia’s “Tutti a tavola a mangiare!”

My friend, JR Bernstein, noted photographer and admirer of all things nice, suggested to me that the Dolce & Gabbana ads were like a Eurotrash family portrait. In fact, Eurotrash are known to travel in bands of brothers, sisters, first cousins, boyfriends, girlfriends and children we’ve amassed on the streets. It’s a come one, come all way of life. And these ads simply epitomize the definition of the Italian family. It’s more than just the nuclear family - la famiglia can be the church, a sisterhood, or just the townspeople you run into at the local grocers. It can be a mob, too.

Sometimes I think back to the different families I’ve belonged to. My favourite memory is the ad hoc family we’d create in the middle of the piazza in Atrani (on the Amalfi coast) at the end of every evening. We’d take tables from each of the three bars surrounding the main – tiny – square and form one huge table in the middle, spilling into the streets. Friends would become lovers, acquaintances would become more, and Eurotrash girls became family every summer’s eve until the ocean washed away the ties we made, and last night’s familiarities, no longer.

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L’Uomo Vogue, W Magazine, Dolce & Gabbana, dating a Roitfeld and a permanent fixture of The Sartorialist street fashion roster. Giovanna Battaglia. She could be Cleopatra in a casting call, as evinced by the Eddie Borgo campaign, of which she is the face. If you follow her on twitter, she’s always hanging with Stefano Gabbana (I actually follow both of them for a complete tete-a-tete). Her style is high luxe with a tendency to keep it classy. She’s not as crazy as ADR, and perhaps more feminine. Attends fashion shows with the utmost piety, and finds her way onto almost weekly. Want to learn more about this Eurotrash lady, check out the quasi-stalker blog about her: I want to be a Battaglia - but then again, who doesn’t!

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People often wonder what the heck is Eurotrash? Is it a person? A style? A bad thing? And although I don’t think it’s for the masses, it’s not for the rich and famous either. It’s for the kind of people who like veggies on everything – including their dresses and hot pants; occasionally dangling from their ears, too. It’s for me and you, and for Dolce and Gabbana, too. The prolific designer duo’s Primavera collection said this: we’re Italian, and we’re Eurotrash. With a pretty harvest of prints from eggplants, to tomatoes, to una cipolla… perusing the collection left me salivating. So what to do when fashion takes a turn for the epicure? Eurotrash gets her Parisian apron on. In the spirit of fashion, I’m sharing my recipe for Linguine with Porcini Mushrooms!

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