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Disclaimer: I don’t have a green thumb or a knack for sanding junkyard finds but one day on Youtube I learned how to thread a sewing machine and made myself a bride of Frankenstein New Years Eve gown that I actually wore out in public.

And I never did it myself ever again…

Until this oddity, Christmas in July, sort of showed up on my calendar. I expected snow, but was pleasantly surprised with Tori’s Bakeshop cupcakes, donuts (all vegan and organic – easy on the hips, tasty on the lips) and mason jars filled with chocolate milk and marshmallows. This must be how they celebrate Christmas in Australia, but with decor pixie, Tiffany Pratt, calling the shots it could have very well been in Never Never Land. Tiffany transformed the secret garden of Salvage Shop  with a little help from Blush and Bloom into a magical retreat for a few blogger girlies one afternoon – and after the week I had, it was nice to escape real life for a moment and concentrate on sewing a stocking for a few hours and deciding which donut to eat next.

I gotta say, I was really happy with the way my stocking turned out. Right now it’s hanging on my bookshelf, I’ve got a little advent calendar-esque situation going on: “a chocolate a day keeps baby Jesus happy all year round.” I’m so happy I was invited to this event because it wasn’t all fashion discussing pre-Fall trend do’s and don’ts. It was about a voyage to the moon and back, far away from pantone colours and affiliate networks. Something this girl needs every once in a while, a reminder to smile. Read the rest of this entry »


Desperate times call for DIY. My old denim shorts don’t fit me anymore and guess what, summer is upon us. Time for ‘minding the gap’ as I was recently introduced to on The Chive. Yay, a site that objectifies women by allowing us to voluntarily objectify ourselves! Need more of these opportunities in our post-Mulveyian landscape, that’s for sure. But back to my shorts, and how short I cut them so that if you wanted to, you could actually mind my gap, which is not what I want at all. #laserhairremovalisexpensive

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As you know, I become completely and compulsively enamoured with the novelty of things. One such thing is hairstyle. I’ve been bleach blonde, jet black, brown, red and purple; short, fringed, extra long and permed. I’ve tried finger curls, crimping, updos, sock buns, and just last week, I added cornrows to my hair repertoire. Gotta thank Noreen at Gary’s Barber  for whipping up this design in under 10 minutes. I paired the braided look with a tight white bodysuit, Did-It-Myself cut-off shorts, tights and utility boots for my Saturday night out. Unlike myself, I forgot to take an outfit picture (gasp!).

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Some of you may remember last Halloween when I took it upon myself to make my costume by hand. I painstakingly assembled my “grooveshark” costume after an hour-long trip to Fabricland with a few pieces of grey stretch cotton and red and white ribbon. I must admit I was really close to scrapping the idea when faced with the task of threading my mom’s sewing machine. A trillion Youtube videos later I finally figured out how to thread the damn thing – that shit is complicated! I felt like I was wiring a mousetrap. Just like the board game.

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