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image: Links of London Camden Skull cufflinks, 295 CAD.

OK, OK, OK. Just the beginning of this week I made a declaration on my Facebook status saying “I think I’m over skulls”. Confusion, bewilderment and just plain contempt spread through the comments. Something came over me while flipping through photos on, spurring the said declaration. The pervasion of skulls in everything, and i mean EVERYTHING. (At a recent visit to Aren’t We Naughty I discovered a skull dildo – to which my friend said, that’s perfect for you!). It wasn’t the sex toy that rubbed me the wrong way, though (hardy har har) it was the teenage mutant ninja turtles. Can teens please stop taking over the internet with their arm parties, skull iconography, boy kissing semi-naked girl, Gosling gifs, cut-off shorts, pubescent pin-up bbm poses, Beiber and Gomez and le moustache? I’m done.

So, it may come as a surprise to some of you that I should post these skull cufflinks. I mean, I don’t think I’ll be purchasing items with skulls on them like crazy as I used to do – but doesn’t mean I can’t still admire a deathly piece. Maybe I’ll purge my love for skulls by gifting other people all the pretty skull things I would normally buy for myself. Like purchasing these links of london skull cufflinks for the man in my life!

Gosh I’ve become one of those people who buys their wife a power tool….

Remember when Ebay and Paypal were scary words? My Dad still won’t key in his credit card number online paranoid that someone, somewhere out there in the abyss, will steal his identity over the new Harry Connick Jr. cd on Amazon. What can I say? Online shopping isn’t for everybody. But if it’s for you, yes, you there reading a Eurotrash girl’s blog, then it’s time I introduced you to UKAMAKU.COM

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