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A quick post from a city stroll at Osgoode Hall in Toronto. Despite what you all think, I actually don’t go around dressed like Anna dello Russo – in fact, I prefer a sporty/preppy look for everyday life. There is something discretely European-appropriation-of-American-style to chucks, Wayfarers, a knit sweater, ripped jeans and a Louis Vuitton Neverfull. Incidentally, the jeans and sweaters are part of my latest Fall loot from Zara. Thanks, Alexander Liang, for snapping this pic!

Riding around Buffalo this weekend wearing LOFT necklace, Swank boutique Purring Feline top, Free People jeans available at and my chucks… obviously. There’s some really great pockets of the city that make the perfect backdrop for some street stylin’ road trip pics. Retro signs, deserted lots and parks. With the sunroof open, shades on and Little Boots playing on the radio, we probably had the most enchanting time in Buffalo.

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As Billie Holiday said it, “You go to my head. With a smile that makes my temperature rise like a summer with a thousand Julys.” This is precisely how I feel about the sequin pants by Canadian designer, Rachel Sin. They fit as comfortably as lululemons minus the venti-sized ego. And they will take you from day to night, if styled just as I did. Stay tuned for the evening wear portion of this pageant….

I paired the pants with Converse sneakers because chucks have become my best friends, they go with everything – don’t let anyone convince you of otherwise, ever. A heather blue LnA racerback tank top, tucked in to give it a bit more structure and to show off the oblong pockets on the sequin pants. I then proceeded to throw on an army green anorak from The Gap, which my sister recently returned to me after borrowing it for 3 years. A chunky, purple Toy Watch for good measure. Lastly, pigtails and a carrot-orange, wool felt cloche (that’s the correct name for this type of cap – cloche – not a twinkie hat as I’ve been referring to it) with lizard embossed leather visor by Max & Co.

The best part, use the code EUROTRASH25 on Rachel Sin’s website¬†and receive 25% everything you purchase until Dec 10, 2012. Perfect if you’re looking for something to wear to all those holiday parties coming up, what to wear when standing under a mistletoe sort of predicament.

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Been working at the pharmacy all week and haven’t even had time to respond to emails on my down time, let alone blog. This is also quite possibly because I spent the past 2 nights reading 50 Shades of Grey. It’s lame, so lame… but also very sexy – if I may say that here. I’m hoping to finish the book on my ride to work, which should be starting in 5 minutes.

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This summer I was fortunate enough to spend a week in one of my favourite cities, Florence. This city has a special significance for Eurotrash because it was in fact our birthplace. Many moons ago, equally inspired by the city’s lifestyle and a readiness to break free of North American predispositions, we conceived the catchphrase: Whatever… Eurotrash. This was to be a synecdochical utterance that at once stood for everything we wanted to be in life, from aesthetics to morals; to the food we ate and to the men we loved. Part of that conception was facilitated by a rather peculiar visit to Luisa Via Roma in the summer of 2004. And so my story begins…

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