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I am totally digging the latest collection by Rodebjer. Even if insects give me the heebee jeebees. These are my bubblegum picks for a pleasant summer splash! Shop this print here: 

Remember when I was in New York this summer, but really, when was I not in New York, and I discovered the NYC based, Swedish brand, Rodebjer? I copped myself a gorgeous strawberry-pink knit sweater and paraded around Times Square until the wee hours of the night like Anna dello Russo fresh out the (fashion) shower.

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Walking into Spiritual America on Rivington St. in Soho was like imaging up my  ideal closet and then swooshing open the doors, voila, dream come true.

I couldn’t pick just ONE item but unfortunately, I don’t have Chiara Ferragni’s cashflow. So, I copped the raspberry pink Rodebjer knit sweater because it caught my eye. In fact, I thought about it overnight before purchasing, just cuz NYC is full of amazing shopping I didn’t wanna blow my load prematurely, if you know what I mean.

UPDATE: You can purchase this Rodebjer sweater online now! Click this link. Free shipping in Sweden until Christimas!

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More about this sweater later, but first, Rodebjer. The New York based brand awarded Swedish Elle‘s Designer of the Year title over and over again. I became acquainted with Carin Rodebjer’s fashion line yesterday at Spiritual America at 5 Rivington St just around the corner from Soho. This store has a range of brands that will change your affiliations in a heartbeat. Highly curated but with enough selection to make a weekly purchase totally possible. I mean, I’ve been to A LOT of stores in my day, and Spiritual America really stands alongside the most memorable.

Tune in for more about my mysterious raspberry knit sweater from Rodebjer….