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So yeah, I’m no longer a brown-blonde-caramel-orange-haired girl. Albeit the new shade noir will probably fade by the time I finish writing this post, it’s such a refreshing change. Last night I gathered with former Style Notebook crew: Brendan and Caitlin. We went to, OBVIOUSLY, Hotel Ocho on Spadina just north of Queen St. I say obviously because I don’t really go anywhere else – unless I’m at The Ossington, spinning raunchy hip hop jams as part of DJs Secret Models. This morning I opened my inbox to find two presents from Brendan: a cute photo of Caitlin and I as we hang on to each other for dear life amidst the sub-zero temperatures and what-the-fuck winds; and secondly, a photo of another skull t-shirt available at Aritzia. Not that I shop there. But I do love me a good dead face.

Happy Football Sunday! I don’t watch hockey, sorry. Did the leafs win?…’cuz one minute it was 3-2 and the next it was the Habs vs. Colorado. Just sayin’

images: Brendan Adam Zwelling

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