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If you remember a few weeks ago upon my return from New York Fashion Week, I posted about an elusive “pink lady” who I saw there but had no idea who she was. Since, I’ve not only found her blog, My Empirical Life, but I’ve added her to my list of Australian style blog inspirations (the ever-growing), and had a little exchange with her over instagram (i heart social media!). Now it’s time that Tanja Gacic was featured on my blog as an official Eurotrash girl, don’t you think?  Read the rest of this entry »


One of my all-time favourite images by Mert & Marcus published in Pop FW 2001 as “Death Valley”. I want to share a quote that, for me, is synecdochical of my entire approach to life and is captured by this photograph as it evokes much more than its parts:

“The passion of an aesthete is absolutely inaccessible to the man of ordinary concept who calls a dog a dog and a spoon a spoon.”

- R. Huelsenbeck, En Avant Dada.


After a few exhausting days of airplanes, cabs, fashion shows, wardrobe changes and a few bottles of Prosecco on a few rooftops, my skin was saying “Oh, so you like these crow’s feet, then?” Dehydration and fatigue began to show. Luckily, I was fortunate to have a day at the Susan Ciminelli Beauty Clinic on the Upper East Side planned for me right before I flew home. Seriously, everyone should end a trip to New York City with a trip to Susan Ciminelli. After my oxygen facial, complete with deep pore cleansing and seawater splashes, I was glowing – literally – my skin glistened in the sunshine. And I went home with the Susan Ciminelli Restorative Red Marine Algae Cream (a luxe-luxe treat) with Co Q 10, Vitamin A and Antioxidants – I use it at night as a sort of magic potion. A huge thanks to Susan for giving me the royal treatment, it’s certainly going to become a requisite pit-stop every time I visit the Big Apple.

Visit to purchase her exclusive skincare line and see a full list of services.  Read the rest of this entry »

new york street style pink fendi bag

Saw this girl walking around after the Karen Walker show in the Meatpacking district. She looked just as regal in real life as she does in this photograph with her monochromatic pink outfit; the bag, a satin Fendi with interlocking F’s. So chic. She is a vision in pink! Incidentally, I have no idea who she is. If anyone knows, please leave a comment.

UPDATE: Her name is Tanja G and she is the blogger behind My Empirical Life. She’s also a blogger for Vogue Australia. So, you see folks, all it takes is a great pair of shoes.

White Blouse Tommy ton for via KC

Fall is around the corner and I’ve begun to source images that remind me what I want to look like in the upcoming months. It’s not very easy to look effortlessly stylish, often a lot of pre-planning and recon is vital to fashion supremacy. Disorder is the underbelly of dressing well, even if the very look we are trying to achieve is disorderly. Does that make sense or am I getting too semantic this morning? Nonetheless, I like this look because there is really no “order” to it. A studded belt from at least five season’s ago, the gaudy statement necklaces stacked right, a braid, masculine timepiece with a leather band – such disparate pieces. Her jeans look faded and her blouse is diaphanously feminine. I can’t figure out what the underlying organizational element is and that’s just what makes this look so aesthetically pleasing. You can’t put your finger on it, and you probably couldn’t duplicate it without looking all wrong. It’s a fleeting moment in style, which thankfully, someone captured in a photograph. This is enigmatic inspiration.

Can’t believe this is actually me! My tresses after the first clay treatment yesterday. 

My hair has been dyed, styled, straightened, crimped, curled, jet black, highlighted, low-lighted, bleach blonde, red ombré, short, long, and… tired. In fact, my hair is SO damaged that my stylist, Kristina Lombardi, picked me to be her “guinea pig” for Eufora‘s latest hair repair treatment, the Damage Cure Clay Masque. This clay treatment promises to bring my hair back to life by rebuilding the inner structure of my hair, repairing damage caused by chemicals, heat styling and UV exposure. So, for the next month, I’ll be having the treatment done at Loki Hair Studio in Toronto every week and we’ll be sharing our findings with all of you right here on the blog!

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For those who follow me avidly, you already know I’m leaving on Wednesday to cover the Mercedes Benz of Buffalo Fashion Week. For those tuning in now, well, now you know. I’m super excited to be covering this event for my blog! I’ll be staying at the Hotel Lafayette where I’ll be meeting with designers Wednesday evening like Dowry Designs, Prajje 1983, Gwen Beloti and Elena V Designs.

Also happening on Wednesday, a Fall fragrance event at Tony Walker & Co boutique with Tocca fragrance specialist. I ADORE the Tocca Florence scent, candles, you name it. It’s made from stuff like Italian Bergamot, Apple and Crushed Violet Petals… smells divine. Catch me in my Mercedes Benz car buzzing around while I’m there. For those who know me really well, a driver is my ultimate luxe dream. I can wear heels and have that second glass of champagne – all this girl has ever wanted!

A special thanks to KC You There PR for all their work and making it possible for me to cover #MBBFW.


Alyssa Miller in Vogue Latin America, June 2012.

A product of the only type of narcissism social media can afford, our body parts killer was caught yesterday while looking at pictures of himself online in an internet cafe in Berlin. Narcissism 2.0 – and we are only just now beginning to see the not-so-pretty side of things. Usually, this genus of vanity results in kissy-kissy bbm poses that scream,”look at me!”, and not an international hunt for red October, or in this case, a distant relative of the Magnotta wine family stationed here in Vaughan.

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Toronto native, Sarah Miles, is the kind of girl who is effortlessly fashionable. She’s urban, gritty and would fit in with New York City’s Dumbo district. She’s the token LABEL clothing girl; a model, she’s worked in PR, casting and cataloguing vintage. Her dream is to produce fashion shows. You can find her whipping her hair back and forth on the weekend at some invite-only party or conversely, looking nonchalant at a walk-in bar in the Junction. You’re apt to quickly call her a city girl; in this Bloggertorial, she is everything but.

As you know, I become completely and compulsively enamoured with the novelty of things. One such thing is hairstyle. I’ve been bleach blonde, jet black, brown, red and purple; short, fringed, extra long and permed. I’ve tried finger curls, crimping, updos, sock buns, and just last week, I added cornrows to my hair repertoire. Gotta thank Noreen at Gary’s Barber  for whipping up this design in under 10 minutes. I paired the braided look with a tight white bodysuit, Did-It-Myself cut-off shorts, tights and utility boots for my Saturday night out. Unlike myself, I forgot to take an outfit picture (gasp!).

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