EUROTRASH: an esoteric person or thing that embodies a hedonistic lifestyle of luxury and high fashion with an open contempt for the mainstream –  while at the same time does not strive for either. Example: a person who will save their entire paycheque to buy a vintage Chanel purse and who will later be gifted a Chanel purse in some random series of events is definitely eurotrash. NB: eurotrash can be used as both an adjective and a noun.
FACESHIELDS: sunglasses (especially the big ones)
MDF: morta di fame (ital.) literally means dead from hunger. figuratively means someone who is so pathetically desperate and at often times, too cheap that they will do and say things outside of accepted social behaviour and etiquette. Example: an MDF would show up to a dinner party with a bottle of Perrier yet drink all the host’s Prosecco and call the score even.