Eurotrash Wants:

Stumbled upon this ancient Vogue Paris shoot featuring Brazilian export, Adriana Lima and the most Eurotrash accessory pairings I’ve seen in a long time. The colours – bubble gum pink? OK, have we watched My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding? Screams trashy, but Lima keeps it classy with her Brazilian, come hither eyes. I love her arm parties, and you know how much I hate arm parties. It’s like girls think they are going to get famous, ahem Man Repeller, taking the same photo of the same bracelet pairing just switched around every other day. PS. I used to really love Man Repeller.

Anyway fur, Chanel bags, Vuitton, jingarells (as Emilia would say), and a whole lot of BLING watches a Eurotrash girl make.

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The Givenchy Lizard Skin Obsedia Clutch;   $1975 CAD;

HOT OFF THE FUCKING PRESS. The lizard could very well be the same lizard Jackie Siegel killed in Wednesday night’s hot doc presentation of The Queen of Versailles. This bag is fresh. Just added to 2 days ago – I was like, whaaat? Oh no you di’int.

How am I ever going to afford this clutch is beyond me. This afternoon I took off work to try my hand at panhandling down on Queen Street. I’ll pull at those strung out hipsters’ heartstrings. They got money. They own shit like motorcycles, pop-up shops and commensals. I’m actually going to visit the girl who has basically dressed me every fashion event this past year, Ashley Rowe, she’s having a sale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dreams of Givenchy are close to me and there isn’t an eel-trimmed blazer I wouldn’t wear the lizzy-lizard purse with. If I was I’d start a fundraiser, but I’m just a Eurotrash girl trying to look FTD (fresh to death, not fuck to down). Donate now?


Acne Leather/Suede Tall Caesar Boots, $765.00
Current Elliott The Ankle Skinny Jeans in Atlantic, $255.00
Givenchy Small Nightingale Shopping Bag in Dark Violet, $1,635.00

Well, well, well. I found my latest weakness: You know what keeps me up at night other than Paranormal Activity movie trailers? I often toss and turn as my mind weaves impossible mathematical equations to permit me buying a $1,700 bag or a $600 pair of shoes. My version of A Beautiful Mind would be a Sarah-Jessica-Parker-size closet filled with beautiful designer pieces and me inside, doing snow angels atop Alexander McQueen silk skull scarves. Call me crazy!

On my latest visit (2 hours ago), I sniped jewel-toned must-haves that will for sure keep me up all night long. Their marketing team, I must say, is a tribe of geniuses. They update the site every Tuesday and Thursday making last week’s Missoni hat incomparable to this week’s Balenciaga Giant City bag – just in! If anyone out there knows of some fast money-making scheme, I’m down for anything – except for maybe a pyramid scam or importing/exporting. Please, PLEASE, let me get what I want on MyTheresa this time. Lord knows, it would be the first time.

Also on my list: A Very She & Him Christmas album.

image: Garde del Avante. Sauvage signature collection skull ring.

All Hallow’s is only weeks away and I gotta admit – it’s my favourite time of the year. Yes, that is correct; I like dead people more than Santa Clause. Which is strange because St. Nick is usually packing Vuitton…

Back in 1998, I remember spending the entire night in my mother’s bed watching the Nagano Olympics after seeing The Exorcist at Yorkdale with my friends. Perhaps that’s why I’ve always romanticized witches and goblins, because they fucking scare the living daylights out of me. It’s like if I make them into little cartoon characters that go around calling my boyfriend a pumpkin, they (and he) will no longer torment me. In 2005 I slept with the light on for an entire year (yes, 365 days) due to a nightmare I had in which I was possessed by the devil; coincidentally, the nightmare occurred after a long day studying for my exam on Dante’s Inferno. I know, I have huge issues.

So when all ya’ll naysayers look down on skull iconography in fashion as being so OVER I get to reclaim a symbol I’ve always been obsessed with. Take that! Or don’t. I’m unsure as to whether you naysayers even exist; the people still seem to be wearing skulls season after season… enough already! Why can’t I just be the only one? As I come to terms with having to share my skulls with every other fashion blogger and most people who get dressed in the morning, it would be unfair to give in to my initial impulse when I saw Garde del Avante‘s super spooky Halloween ’11 collection of skull jewelry. That impulse, by the way, had nothing to do with telling the whole world about these pieces – just to be clear.

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