Eurotrash Wants:

Sometimes, just sometimes, I feature males in the Eurotrash People section of the blog. This gorgeous specimen was a recommendation from my friend, Alex Liang. And apart from his handlebar moustache, Mariano Di Vaio is impossibly – ridiculously – good-looking. A eugoogalizer, even.

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I am totally digging the latest collection by Rodebjer. Even if insects give me the heebee jeebees. These are my bubblegum picks for a pleasant summer splash! Shop this print here: 

Augustina store windows are perennial treats. Image by Kaerucomm.

Nestled along a quaint, cobblestone path in Yorkville, Augustina has been a favourite treat of mine since I started seeking out cool shops in Toronto – circa grade 9. And it was love at first sight. The only store to have ever stocked accessories by the prestigious Italian ski fashion brand, Postcard (don’t even go there, Moncler), I’ve always had a deep admiration for Augustina’s keen eye on cool things. Always a bit more recherché, a bit more eurotrash, if you will.

And finally, we can shop these goodies online as Augustina has just launched its e-commerce website across Canada at I’ve got my eye on the Augustina brand laser-cut leather pouches ($195 CAD) and dreaming of the Anita Ko rose-gold leaf ring with diamonds ($5,750 CAD). Operative word: dreaming.  Read the rest of this entry »

Before rushing off to Diesel Black Gold, we snapped a quick outfit pic. I’m wearing: suede boots by Browns; dress by Elena V; aegean sweater by Euro Trash Clothing available online; leather jacket by Mackage; Neverfull bag by Louis Vuitton; wool and leather cloche by Max & Co; Mallory eyeglasses by Warby Parker.

Are you guys having fun reading my posts about fashion week in New York? It was actually the best thing ever. My first time at the Lincoln Centre tents was to see Scandinavian couturier, Nina Skarra. Again, a very similar colour palette to my previous feature, Katerina Grey. Black is the new red; red is the new black; and white is the only thing you need. Nina Skarra threw some plums in there – the likes of textured knit pants and dresses, which made me very happy.

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Like my pants? Get 25% off by entering code EUROTRASH25 when you shop online at

As Billie Holiday said it, “You go to my head. With a smile that makes my temperature rise like a summer with a thousand Julys.” This is precisely how I feel about the sequin pants by Canadian designer, Rachel Sin. They fit as comfortably as lululemons minus the venti-sized ego. And they will take you from day to night, if styled just as I did. Stay tuned for the evening wear portion of this pageant….

I paired the pants with Converse sneakers because chucks have become my best friends, they go with everything – don’t let anyone convince you of otherwise, ever. A heather blue LnA racerback tank top, tucked in to give it a bit more structure and to show off the oblong pockets on the sequin pants. I then proceeded to throw on an army green anorak from The Gap, which my sister recently returned to me after borrowing it for 3 years. A chunky, purple Toy Watch for good measure. Lastly, pigtails and a carrot-orange, wool felt cloche (that’s the correct name for this type of cap – cloche – not a twinkie hat as I’ve been referring to it) with lizard embossed leather visor by Max & Co.

The best part, use the code EUROTRASH25 on Rachel Sin’s website and receive 25% everything you purchase until Dec 10, 2012. Perfect if you’re looking for something to wear to all those holiday parties coming up, what to wear when standing under a mistletoe sort of predicament.

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Visiting the GEOX PR headquarters, The PR Department, this week was like Christmas coming early. The SS 2013 line of shoes and apparel were on display for media and shoe-lovers, like myself, to review and obviously, covet.

Geox is most famous for ushering in a technological approach to footwear; their patented waterproof membrane lets sweat and air out, but doesn’t allow water in. It’s like osmosis for shoes. Seriously, check out the tests they ran in the rainiest place on earth, Cherrapunjee, India. Click here to see the interactive rain test.

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In the second instalment of Eurotrash Shops Luisa Via Roma I ask about lusting for leather leggings and the improbability of splurging on them.

Leather leggings are perhaps the most glamourous bottom you can dig up. Throw them under a hoodie and you’re a model off-duty. Wear them with a blouse or peplum bustier and you’re ready for a night out on the town. My favourite look with leather leggings are black leather ankle boots that flow seamlessly from the pant so, even if you tried, you wouldn’t be able to pick out where the pant ends and the boot begins.

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I see London, I see France, I see expensive underpants…

I can’t speak for every girl but personally, I love shopping for undergarments. And the more lace, silk and just prettiness there is, the better. To be sure, I’m not a wild animal fur, jingle bells , fishnet kind of girl – I like more minimalist pieces that require you handle them with the tips of two fingers at all times. (Until my mother puts them in the wash, and they come out looking almost as if a dust bunny took a knife to them during the spin cycle).

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As you all must know by now, the birth of ‘Eurotrash’ as it has come to be defined by this blog, was in Florence in 2004 after an early morning visit to Luisa Via Roma. Since purchasing my first pair of limited edition Notify jeans by Linda Evangelista with the words “BACIAMI DI PIU’” spattered across the derriere, we began to think of Eurotrash as more than just a pejorative term used to describe that European anomaly who died in a nightclub in Ibiza, dressed in neon lycra – for us, Eurotrash was just the beginning of the ultimate symbol of luxury. It would never be that materialism driving most North American consumption; it would be both aristocratic and plebeian; organic and awkward; it would be Jeanne Moreau walking all of Paris at night.

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