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Givenchy Antigona bag alligator tommy ton

One of the highlights of Toronto Fashion Week this season was ogling The Parsons Reject‘s accessories every day, and trying to figure out ways to distract her so as to five finger discount that Givenchy. But I guess a picture’s worth a thousand dollars, in this case. Cheetah spots and alligator skin. I see a red sole peeking out from under her shoes, too. Could they be Louboutin? And of course her super luxe accessories juxtapose her ripped boyfriend jeans, à la Eurotrash. Thanks, Cassandra, for keeping the street style really unattainable this World MasterCard Fashion Week.

Paige Denim Justine Iaboni Alexander Liang Couple

Photography by Talya Macedo

Fall is the season for romance. The dying trees, brisk nights, ensuing cold sweats and falling leaves – they all make me wanna lock myself up indoors and cuddle. Once in a while, though, one must emerge for the requisite outfit post, and this one is not your average OOTD because as you can see I’m not in an awkward pose, alone as per usual. Instead, I’ve got a stylish boy beside me. That’s my boyfriend, Alex and he’s also a fashion blogger at We thought it would be cute to dress up in matching denim shirts since we love doing everything the same (yeah, we’re one of those couples). Hope you enjoy these photographs and don’t mind me getting a bit more personal on my blog! Read the rest of this entry »

eLUXE Missoni

Hallelujah, praise the Kaiser and zig zag gods on high! As a fashion blogger for The Luxe Panel, I’m beyond excited to share the news that eLUXE is now stocking M Missoni. Why does this excite me? Allow me to count the ways. 1. I love Missoni 2. I’m Italian 3. I’m Canadian 4. I once commissioned a series of Missoni fashion illustrations and ran “Missoni Week” on my blog 5. I met Margherita Missoni when she came to Toronto 6. A zig zag a day keeps the monochrome away.

Shop for M Missoni on here.

eLUXE shopping Fall trends rebecca minkoff tibi cosabella karen walker

Dearest readers and friends, I’m happy to announce that Whatever Eurotrash is now part of The Luxe Panel with Canadian online retailer eLUXE. What does this mean? I’ll be working on some cool collaborations with eLUXE and their magazine counterpart, The Luxe Life – so stay tuned! In the meantime, let’s celebrate with an exclusive promo code I’m offering to my readers. Use the code EUROTRASH20 when you shop online at on all items – including sale items – until September 30, 2013. The above items are my picks from the eLUXE that I would wear right now, as the seasons transition you want to avoid wearing colours that might be too suggestive – a black and white palette, with a heavy emphasis on leather, looks appropriate if the sun comes out during the day, and yet, will keep you feeling fresh as the nights get cooler. And the bra? Well, a lace bra is a perennial must-have.

From top left to bottom right: Tibi Anson stretch blazer; Karen Walker super duper sunglasses; Cosabella sweetie soft bra; Tibi embossed quilted leather shorts; Rebecca Minkoff Blake mini handbag. 



Photography by JR Bernstein

The possibilities are endless. Nighttime reveals latent dreams of couture and high heels. In my mind, it’s the spark of excitement – dressing up to go out like a transformation from monotony to fantastic. I asked myself who I wanted to be that night. A lady with lots of secrets. A leather dress that stuck like a second skin. A disguise. A reprise, even. For I’ve been here before, acting out a venomous slither of long legs and black lashes through the night.

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Photography by JR Bernstein

We made it to New York City, the big apple. The place where dreams are made of. I absolutely need a few days in this town to recharge my fashion inspiration. I’m like a kid in a candy store, drooling at this fashion feast. Before I dig in, I thought I’d post some pics of my own. I’m wearing up and coming Toronto-based fashion label, BAZZUL. Creative director, Felicia Burke, was so sweet to dress me for Fashion Week – big thanks! Love reppin’ my Toronto brands in NYC. The dress was perfect for an 8am flight, lunch at the Soho House, straight to the Karen Walker show and then vagabonding all day with JR Bernstein along the High Line and dinner with the Kenton Magazine crew. I paired it with my new Miista boots from where they are available for pre-order. I added a “Dazzling Blue” accent by the means of a Wilfred sweater tied around my waist. The colour, by the way, is heralded as the lovechild of Cobalt blue and Spring 2014. #thankmelater  Read the rest of this entry »


My girl, Caitlin Agnew, tipped me off about Helena Bordon earlier this year and after digesting her Eurotrash life for months now I’m finally ready to share her with all of you. Socialite, Brazilian, and blonde. Fling with Prince Harry. Front row staple; a mother, Donata Meirelles, who works for Vogue and daddy is a big media mogul. Their Sao Paulo house, however, looks like it belongs in a dream I once had about living the sweet life.  Sometimes on Instagram Helena is in St. Tropez with lots of boys and champagne. Her street style says no, I don’t need the Zara imitation. This is the real thing. Helena is the real thing. Lucky for us – and I love it when beautiful socialites do this – she had a blog to keep up-to-date with all her meanderings and girl crushes. She also designs for Luiza Setubal’s LOOL collection.  Read the rest of this entry »

White Blouse Tommy ton for via KC

Fall is around the corner and I’ve begun to source images that remind me what I want to look like in the upcoming months. It’s not very easy to look effortlessly stylish, often a lot of pre-planning and recon is vital to fashion supremacy. Disorder is the underbelly of dressing well, even if the very look we are trying to achieve is disorderly. Does that make sense or am I getting too semantic this morning? Nonetheless, I like this look because there is really no “order” to it. A studded belt from at least five season’s ago, the gaudy statement necklaces stacked right, a braid, masculine timepiece with a leather band – such disparate pieces. Her jeans look faded and her blouse is diaphanously feminine. I can’t figure out what the underlying organizational element is and that’s just what makes this look so aesthetically pleasing. You can’t put your finger on it, and you probably couldn’t duplicate it without looking all wrong. It’s a fleeting moment in style, which thankfully, someone captured in a photograph. This is enigmatic inspiration.


Anna Wintour proudly declared, “coats are the new handbag,” in the current September issue of Vogue. I couldn’t agree more. Braving single-digit temperatures paired with wind, rain, snow, sleet and just unfriendly conditions is something we’re all going to be re-living soon. In addition to the requisite, mid-winter visit to Miami, I’ve always been an advocate for luxurious outerwear – I mean, if you’re going to be wearing a coat every single day for seven months, it might as well be good quality and gorgeous. And the right coat can actually alleviate seasonal depression – or I’d be willing to bet my money on it. Read the rest of this entry »


Lathered in couture. Parisian born, Brazilian pedigree. I recently started following Alexia on Instagram and let me tell you, there are no pretences at the good life. Just a quick picture celebrating Charlotte Olympia’s birthday, fuzzily with an iPhone camera, like I would snap of my friends at dinner. Whatever. She’s some diplomat’s granddaughter, you know, blue blood type. She’s so unaffectedly jet-set she doesn’t even need to wear makeup – most of the time. Front row at Dior, hugs with Margherita Missoni in the Tuileries, Tuileries, Tuileries!

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