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Karlie Kloss, Vogue Japan, 2008. The unofficial face of Eurotrash since 2009 – nicknamed Anna by one of my readers

Dear readers,

I’m excited – and nervous – to put this out into The Universe. After much consideration, I’ve decided that it’s time to say farewell to Whatever Eurotrash, the brand, and to go on an odyssey of sorts. I’m referring to this as: THE REBRAND.

Why? First off, it’s crossed my mind. More than once. I like to live my life paying attention to signs. Months ago, a few people asked if I would ever consider a rebrand – I had already considered it, in secret, even if my heart still clings to what has become my diary to the world: Whatever Eurotrash.

But it’s become much more than that. It’s becoming my livelihood. I quit my part-time job this summer, done with $15/hour for a Master’s degree. (Seriously though, postgrad is overrated). And I incorporated. I’m ready to invoice, write off and hopefully, eat. The problem is, up until now, I’ve always acted as though my blog was just a fun thing to do in my 20s. Instead, as I’ve come to realize, I’ve been honing writing skills, amassing a network of industry movers and shakers, and feeling personally invested in what the fuck is going on in Toronto’s fashion industry more and more every day. It’s become my life – and I mean that in the least cliché way possible.

So why change what seems to be a good thing?

Because sometimes you have to risk it all to feel alive. Sometimes you have to let go of a good thing to make way for a great thing. And sometimes, it means doing what scares you the most!

whatever eurotrash first post

The very first blog post on May 8th, 2009 at

If some of you are anxious reading this, you’re not alone. I’m scared shitless writing this. But I’m more afraid of missing the opportunity to grow. I’m taking this blog to the next level – whatever that may be – and I hope to take you all with me, every step of the way.

I’ll be tailoring my content and working with even more fashion brands in even cooler ways. I’ll be changing the name and look of the blog – so when you visit me, I’ll be prettier. Eurotrash people, places and things are still going to be around (as if I’d let those go.) And I’ll be taking suggestions from my readers because we’re in this together. Well, that’s what I’ve forecasted so far, but as I learned this weekend reading 37signal’s, REWORK, having a business plan is sheer idiocy “because humans are just plain bad at estimating.”

I’m not going to guess where this is going, I’m just opening myself to the possibility of going somewhere.

Join me?

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  • Seanna

    wow. So funny that last night I just told you about my own personal rebranding. Good luck and I will still be reading!!

  • Jo

    Your writing is hilarious — how have I not stumbled on your blog until now?! Changing the name of your blog and completely rebranding is a huge step, and girrrrrrl I commend you for taking that brave first step! I look forward to the birth of your new prettier blog-self! And I’ll be reading from right here in Toronto ;) .


  • admin

    omg so sweet! thanks for the comment and for reading :)