vawkforebay Waiting for my boyfriend at the Shangri La Hotel one evening after yet another bowl of salty ramen, I couldn’t help but eavesdrop on a conversation between one of the guests and a hotel employee, just gushing over the uniforms. He he he, I thought to myself, I could tell you a thing or two about those Ming vase dresses – heck, I’m even Facebook friends with the designer. (At once tasting the sweet nectar of being marginally acquainted with the fashion industry in Toronto). 

I got my second tasting this week at the Vawk for eBay holiday collection preview, and let me tell you, it tastes even better in leather. His second collection for eBay Canada, Sunny Fong reconceptualized the staple pieces replacing fur with leather studs as soft as marshmallows and adding splashes of colour to his scarves and pocket squares. Blue cheetah degradé brings a whole new life to the hanky.

The nine-piece collection is exclusive to eBay and will be available online December 2 – 8 at eBay.caItems will be sold at auction or Buy It Now prices, with free shipping across Canada. The collection’s one-of-a-kind, winter-white formal gown will be auctioned off. The starting bid? 99 cents! The proceeds raised from the auction will be donated to Kids Help Phone.

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