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A play on Carrie Bradshaw’s calling card (or at least I will enliven it to that) FLARE magazine entitled their review of this collection: “Cara Cheung Knows Sex Appeal.” And although I initially rolled my eyes when reading the title, I can’t disagree with the author’s laconic observation. After all, the collection was quite sexy – and more importantly, cohesive. Read the rest of this entry »


Ever since I started the Never the Bride project on Instagram, I’ve had my eye on wedding dresses that meet somewhere in between bridal and haute couture. Besides, a fashion girl like me would probably opt for a fashion dress – not a humdrum sweetheart bridal gown – when picturing her nuptials. I’m thinking Caroline Sieber tying the knot in Chanel. You can imagine my delight while watching the Stephan Caras Spring 14 runway show last week at World MasterCard Fashion Week.

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Kudos to the Toronto Star writer who aptly called the pyjamas in the Spring 14 collection for Joe Fresh, chinoiserie. Other publications chose descriptions that teeter on the edge of politically incorrect, but those shall not be named here. What I loved about the Joe Fresh runway: that metallic flared miniskirt, the diaphanous blouses; a little Chanel-esque cropped jacket; a Tiger print tee à la Kenzo; track star mesh and matching B-ball shorts. Of course, Marc Jacobs got a tip of the hat in the form of Shantung silk PJs – I almost expected Mimran to come out in a pair at the end of the show. (A word to the wise, do not ask Mr. Fresh about Bangladesh.) As usual, there is the guessing game with Joe Fresh as to what will actually go into production – the question remains, will I find these pieces at my local grocery store or not?


travistaddeoThe colours of Travis Taddeo‘s rainbow could be the palette of my life – black, baja blue, 50 shades of grey, vanilla cream and whiter white. To underestimate the potency of a woman in sportswear is to discount the evolution of dress. Mr. Taddeo may have coined his collection Matinée, a lazy like Sunday morning kinda wardrobe, but my surmise is that these pieces can do more. It takes a special kind of collection to make my heart beat faster as each look breezes by on the runway – this collection did just that.

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Photography by Talya Macedo.

Expounding on my day two outfit, featured on BlogTO last week, I will continue to dote on this getup for our shared aesthetic delight. Namely, I’d like to christen myself a Minkette thanks to Canadian online retailer, eLUXE. As part of The Luxe Panel blogger network, I get to wear pieces from eLUXE in real life – kinda like a test-drive for fashion, without the helmets. Unless, of course, we’re talking about the Helmuts. Always wear your Helmut Lang for street style safety.  Read the rest of this entry »

sentaler coat street style wear canada

Photography by Alexander Liang.

Fashion week is over and now begin the recaps, reviews and vanity. My day 3 outfit was Blade Runner meets Tom Ford’s Gucci. One reason I love fashion week is the licence to dress up like I never would on a regular day, especially walking the streets of Toronto. But as esteemed fashion writer, Suzie Menkes writes in The New York Times, “You can hardly get up the steps at Lincoln Centre, in New York, or walk along the Tuileries Garden path in Paris because of all the photographers snapping at the poseurs.” Street style is now just as important as what goes on in the runway room – and the more ridiculous your outfit, the better your chances of getting snapped.

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The US fast-fashion-and-then-some discount monolith, Target, showed-up Canadian budgets with their first ever runway show at World MasterCard Fashion Week. Transforming the runway room into a winter wonderland, the front row glitterati sat on cushioned seats ensconced in obnoxious (but totally enviable) red fleece blanket throws seemingly flown in from the North Pole; cute male models wearing Santa Claus hats shelled out presents to editors, naughty or nice. It was all better than the arrival of the Pumpkin Spice latte.

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Givenchy Antigona bag alligator tommy ton

One of the highlights of Toronto Fashion Week this season was ogling The Parsons Reject‘s accessories every day, and trying to figure out ways to distract her so as to five finger discount that Givenchy. But I guess a picture’s worth a thousand dollars, in this case. Cheetah spots and alligator skin. I see a red sole peeking out from under her shoes, too. Could they be Louboutin? And of course her super luxe accessories juxtapose her ripped boyfriend jeans, à la Eurotrash. Thanks, Cassandra, for keeping the street style really unattainable this World MasterCard Fashion Week.

street style blogTO thierry lasry sunglasses rebecca minkoff mini mac

Photography by Mauricio Calero

A big thanks to BlogTO for featuring my Day 2 outfit on their street style roundup yesterday. I drew inspiration from the acclaimed Celine Fall 13 collection; the luscious grey and navy wool coats, flared skirts and army green leather boots were made for me. My version plays on the dropped hemline silhouette with a chunky cropped knit sweater. When wearing this season’s longer skirt you want to avoid looking dwarfish by giving the appearance of elongated legs. The hem should graze the leg exactly where your calf indents to meet your knee – that’s the sweet spot. Don’t be afraid to pair a long, flared skirt with a chunky ankle boot. Perhaps counterintuitive, but it works.

I picked winter white as my base colour and played with black, blue and green accents. A horizontal stripe adds a touch of Viviana Volpicella to the look. I usually don’t wear earrings AND sunglasses together, especially if they are both statement pieces, but here the simplicity of my outfit actually sets the stage for chunkier accessories. My forest green, Rebecca Minkoff Mini M.A.C. is a playful splash, giving the impression that I grabbed it on my way out in a rush and it just-so-happened to work. An accidental fashion decision that was secretly premeditated.

Eurotrash Outfit: Forever 21 knit sweater; Zara flared skirt; Soles ankle boots from Sauvage; Rebecca Minkoff Mini M.A.C. from; Coven by Sonia Kang saber bone earrings from; Thierry Lasry sunglasses from Josephson’s Opticians.



Beaufille is the successor to sisters Chloé and Parris Gordon’s eponymous label, Chloé Comme Parris. But other than a name change, everything we love about the fashion label – including the cool girl aesthetic – remained the same. I’ve always been drawn to their execution of soft, diaphanous femininity gone hard. For Spring, garments were held together by grommets that traced all the right places and curves. Fabrics were light, straps were spaghetti and skirts were micro mini. Muted prints and faint embroidery were details that did not go unnoticed. A splash of metallics arrived in the form of a super short mini dress and sleeveless tunic with matching pants. My favourite piece is in the foreground here, a long black slip dress with an inverted U-shaped cut-out – just under the bust – held delicately together by grommets; I imagine how cool they must feel on bare skin.