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I absolutely adore this Topshop Fall Winter ad campaign. It just speaks to me – the colours, the textures, and the sweet promise of cooler days as a welcomed extension of summer. A permutation of the sunshine seasons exists in that skirt, even if the reality of Fall is much bleaker in North America than in the glossy pages of a magazine.


This whole talk about Miranda Kerr, blonde wig and nip slip, playing legendary Italian porn star Cicciolina in the September issue of V Magazine has got me thinking about the real thing. Miranda did an awesome job playing the part, especially in conveying a precociousness that is not unlike the above picture where Ciccolina is rumoured to have been 16 years old. Don’t you dare Google recent pictures of her, I want us to remember or become acquainted with Cicciolina just as she is in this photograph: a paragon of male fantasy as perpetuated – to this day – by Italian media; a surefire anomaly when it comes to the sexual objectification of women on television, movies and cellphone commercials. This is by no means a criticism of it, just an observation and tip of the hat to Ciccolina, who may I say, had killer style with that Buone Vacanze graphic tee and floral crown back in the day.

White Blouse Tommy ton for via KC

Fall is around the corner and I’ve begun to source images that remind me what I want to look like in the upcoming months. It’s not very easy to look effortlessly stylish, often a lot of pre-planning and recon is vital to fashion supremacy. Disorder is the underbelly of dressing well, even if the very look we are trying to achieve is disorderly. Does that make sense or am I getting too semantic this morning? Nonetheless, I like this look because there is really no “order” to it. A studded belt from at least five season’s ago, the gaudy statement necklaces stacked right, a braid, masculine timepiece with a leather band – such disparate pieces. Her jeans look faded and her blouse is diaphanously feminine. I can’t figure out what the underlying organizational element is and that’s just what makes this look so aesthetically pleasing. You can’t put your finger on it, and you probably couldn’t duplicate it without looking all wrong. It’s a fleeting moment in style, which thankfully, someone captured in a photograph. This is enigmatic inspiration.


Anna Wintour proudly declared, “coats are the new handbag,” in the current September issue of Vogue. I couldn’t agree more. Braving single-digit temperatures paired with wind, rain, snow, sleet and just unfriendly conditions is something we’re all going to be re-living soon. In addition to the requisite, mid-winter visit to Miami, I’ve always been an advocate for luxurious outerwear – I mean, if you’re going to be wearing a coat every single day for seven months, it might as well be good quality and gorgeous. And the right coat can actually alleviate seasonal depression – or I’d be willing to bet my money on it. Read the rest of this entry »


Or should I say, Caroline Sieber von Westenholz? Her recent wedding was featured in the September 2013 issue of Vogue as The Wedding of the Year – look out, Klout score! She is formally referred to as a Chanel brand ambassador and Karl, himself, made her wedding dress. Of course, Laetitia Crahay had a hand at the veil and so on and so forth. Privilege at its apogee. Seriously, I’ve been following her on instagram for a few months now and it’s all St. Tropez to me.

She lives in a castle and dresses as though she had every runway collection at her fingertips. All her clothes look brand new, too. Poppin’ tags. (Never mind tags I swear she drinks champagne for breakfast). Her life is most assuredly a charmed one. Picking street style proved difficult, however, because Caroline sometimes looks too affected, as though the clothes were laid out for her the night before by a Chanel-bot. I tried to select the few outfits that have a bit more movement to them. Something common folk might aspire to, if not dare to imitate whilst feeling ballsy one afternoon in a couture daydream.  Read the rest of this entry »


Just sharing a pic snapped at the Walk-In Closet X Shoppalu Pop Up Shop launch party on Thursday night at The Oz Studios – try saying all that in one breath! Here I am wearing BAZZUL with the designer’s cousin and Shoppalu founder, Janice Liu. I discovered this brand at the beginning of the summer season and can’t wait to work with creative director, Felicia Burke. Her designs are the perfect match for a Eurotrash girl. Some of her pieces are available at the pop up shop happening right now until Aug 28!


The CNE has been really good to us media folk this year. Although I couldn’t attend the preview last week, myself and a few of Toronto’s prominent fashion peeps (Amanda Lao and Caitlin Power; Julio Reyes and Daniel Desforges of; Marcus Kan of Draw a Dot; and JR Bernstein) took advantage of the $5 after 5pm deal earlier this week – which is open to everyone, not just media. I am alive to write this post because I did not eat a cronut burger (although, Marcus did and I haven’t heard from him since). I opted for a good ole hot dog and funnel cake, strawberry with soft serve, only. Of course, I had to dress the part with my homemade denim cut-offs, a PINK skull tank, cap on backwards and an Alviero Martini knapsack (to keep it Eurotrash, obviously). Had so much fun we’re going back again next week!

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Thursday night in Toronto just got better. I’ll be DJ’ing the official launch party for this pop up shop hosted by Shoppalu in collabo with all these great people: Walk-in Closet, and Kenton Magazine. Something old and something new, vintage meets all kinds of cool finds. So come shop, get a photo op with all of us bloggers-cum-DJs and enjoy what’s left of summer!


If there’s one style I am loving from the Fall runways it’s the printed sweater. I’m not usually one to jump on trends (I prefer to eschew them with my nose up in the air), but once in a while I like to play along. Let’s play the game of how much money is in my bank account at the present moment! Is it Marni or is is Wilfred? Budgeting a Fall wardrobe is definitely a numbers game and with all the fur, leather and knit – those zeroes just keep coming! Luckily, I’ve found two very similar checkered sweaters for every budget. I mean, if you’re going to buy a sweater you want to invest $100 at the very minimum, otherwise, and trust me when I say this, you are wasting your money. And if a luxe knit can make you feel like a million bucks, imagine what fur can do.


I think if you stand too close to Anna dello Russo you begin to morph into her not-so-quite replica. Such has been the fate of her assistant, Carlotta Oddi. Not quite Anna, but still quite Eurotrash.

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