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I could have easily called this style story “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” but went with Sea Red instead. The sky is so blue on these cooler summer days; it’s the ocean above where airplanes dip like Donzis blazing across the sky. So, Alex Liang and I decided to channel Tom Ford and pseudo-Gucci campaign this up! I’m wearing my biggest handbag splurge ever – the Gucci Jackie bag – purchased in Rome, 2009. Keeping it glam, long tanned legs required some chain mail and leather, enter Herve Leger heels. A vintage silk blouse paired with Zara destroyed denim shorts. My hair, courtesy of hot yoga braids and the reddest lips you can imagine. My leather wraps are Swarovski and Jewel Mint just to add a tad of edge to the whole look. Big thanks to Alex for snapping these shots! Read the rest of this entry »


A few of my favourite things: Birks silver link bracelet; Lucia soy candles and in the background an oil diffuser; Valley of the Dolls by Jacqueline Susann and Shopaholic series, bien sur. This is one small area on my bookshelf that I like to call the “girl’s girl” area. Lots of pink and pastel colours with books of only supreme indulgence – not intelligence. But as you know, every girl with a penchant for fashion can’t deny herself a few Carrie Bradshaw moments.


Toronto is depressingly cloudy, cold and lonely this summer. Really thought I’d be on vacation somewhere but as you know, sometimes shit happens! So, I’m dreaming of new places and new adventures, this particular one just so happens to be the preferred vacation spot of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. No big deal. I could really picture my Eurotrash self lounging by the pool of the Amangiri resort in the middle of the desert, having tea by a private fire and yoga along the mountains. Who will join me?


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Give me a girl on the Amalfi coast with a kaftan and leather sandals, sunshine, and we’re back at Eurotrash’s birth. How many summers I spent in colourful bikinis and handmade sandals in the Medi (mediterranean) – yachts, boys and Dolce & Gabbana. Well, Columbine Smille, Swedish fashion editor of StyleBy magazine and freelance stylist had me at Praiano (arguably the most beautiful place on earth). Her high cheekbones and long legs double-take Kate Moss but she’s really quite more inventive. Sky blue chucks, plaid undertones and a dash of skin. Her street style is a breath of fresh air as she wiggles her way between glam and trash, minimal and excess. I’m taking cues from her for Fall, especially the knit sweater dress showing fresh fresh legs all the way to the top and mirrored sunnies. Work. It. Girl.  Read the rest of this entry »

thumbsupgoodphotography by Drew Haran

“You need to be more ___________ .”  Fill in the blank.

Has someone even suggested, perhaps not even in words, that you yourself, the person you are, should be other than so? And if you are one of those people who has identified within themselves a current of abnormality (and chosen to embrace it – not hide it) chances are there are more people out there telling you to be more of something else, and less of, well, yourself.

“But there’s nothing wrong with you, you’re amazing, I just can’t be anywhere near you,” they said.

“Gimme a fucking break,” my ego replied but all I said was, “Don’t leave me.”

Days later I realized I had lost myself. In trying to keep yet another person from disapprovingly yelling at me for crying, laughing, emoting, speaking my mind, being myself,… breathing, I’ve lost myself. And there’s no greater index of self-abandonment than fashion.

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Disclaimer: I don’t have a green thumb or a knack for sanding junkyard finds but one day on Youtube I learned how to thread a sewing machine and made myself a bride of Frankenstein New Years Eve gown that I actually wore out in public.

And I never did it myself ever again…

Until this oddity, Christmas in July, sort of showed up on my calendar. I expected snow, but was pleasantly surprised with Tori’s Bakeshop cupcakes, donuts (all vegan and organic – easy on the hips, tasty on the lips) and mason jars filled with chocolate milk and marshmallows. This must be how they celebrate Christmas in Australia, but with decor pixie, Tiffany Pratt, calling the shots it could have very well been in Never Never Land. Tiffany transformed the secret garden of Salvage Shop  with a little help from Blush and Bloom into a magical retreat for a few blogger girlies one afternoon – and after the week I had, it was nice to escape real life for a moment and concentrate on sewing a stocking for a few hours and deciding which donut to eat next.

I gotta say, I was really happy with the way my stocking turned out. Right now it’s hanging on my bookshelf, I’ve got a little advent calendar-esque situation going on: “a chocolate a day keeps baby Jesus happy all year round.” I’m so happy I was invited to this event because it wasn’t all fashion discussing pre-Fall trend do’s and don’ts. It was about a voyage to the moon and back, far away from pantone colours and affiliate networks. Something this girl needs every once in a while, a reminder to smile. Read the rest of this entry »


That pointy nose. Those pointy, bunny ears. Welcome, Laetitia Crahay, to the Eurotrash people roster of fun. She has a baby and a cat, and lots of hats. Laetitia is the creative director of Maison Michel millinery and the jewellery director at Chanel. Meaning, her and the Kaiser are best buds. How chic? Her pregnancy clothes were Chanel tweed – that chic.

Her style reminds me of a French modernism that dips into cliché, tainting it with a refreshingly new sensibility. Like robots and rabbits that clutter her apartment, paired with the classic cloche and a string of pearls. Glistening surfaces with lots of black accents. Just looking at her, we begin to see the parallels between her life’s work and her life. The femme totale – not fatale – but everything. I think you need to be a bit of a maniac to create anything worthy of two interlocking C’s.   Read the rest of this entry »


 The Weekend Book by Francis Meynell; A Guide to Elegance by Mme Dariaux, The Cocktail Party by T.S. Eliot, Schott’s Quintessential Miscellany by Ben Schott. 

Curating the perfect, weekend getaway reading selection is almost as vital as packing enough underwear, and a dress that travels well just in case your vacation takes a turn for the fancy. Now, I must admit that I haven’t read all of these books (in fact, I’ve only read one), BUT before you call the blogger police on me, I’ve ordered two of them from a used bookstore somewhere in Massachusetts – that counts, right? Once they arrive, I’ll be ready to voraciously flip through their pages on my imaginary weekends abroad. Read the rest of this entry »


Dear Carlyne,

You’re probably curled up on your couch, pressed up against a silk, Hermes-ensconced pillow while reading this. I always like to imagine an aesthetically pleasing situation when the receiver receives a message I’ve sent. You sip tea out of a gold-gilded teacup, pinky finger half mast. And that thick French accent, I learned, is Saint Tropez, not Paris. Read the rest of this entry »